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Feminist Essay Plan

Feminist Essay – Social Inequality
You could be asked about feminist explanations of inequality; in this case you
should focus on the theories of feminists. However, if you are asked about
gender inequality, then you should mention both genders and a range of
different theories
Evaluate feminist explanations of inequality.
Explain the overarching view
Use key terms; gender, patriarchy, malestream
Inequality is a gender problem
Mention how feminists have debated between themselves about
the significance of gender inequality and the route that should
be followed to create equality between the genders but what
they all agree on that society is patriarchal etc.
Mention the key strands: liberal, Marxist, radical, black,
However, there are criticism…
Link back to question
You MUST give real
NEWS examples to
support your
point/evaluation! A03 =
Main body
The best plan for an essay assessing or evaluating feminism is to address each
form of feminism that you are familiar with and then evaluate each one
separately. It is easier to manage the various strand than dealing with feminism
as though it was one perspective.
Liberal feminists- cause of gender inequality is socialisation. Jaggar
(Radical feminists argue that they overlook explanations for gender
inequality such as violence against women/speed of social change is very
slow, Hakim, women choose to put family before career/preference
Liberal- Gavron, women trapped by traditional roles within the family
Walby- patriarchy operates in a different fashion in the public sphere
and in domestic life. Mirrored by Oakley and working hours.
Feminist– pay gap/glass ceiling, job segregation (Functionalist argue that
gender roles are functional for society but not individuals, result of the
differing biology of men and women. Promotes family – consensus) Greer,
Firestone, Jaggar
Socialist/Marxist feminist- combines feminism and Marxism. Double
victims of patriarchy and capitalism. Lumpenproleriat. Barrett argues
that the domination of men over women in the family is simply an echo in
the family of capitalist domination over workers. (Benston, ideological
element of patriarchy)
Radical- Greer, Dworkin, Firestone, all share the common view that
men and masculinity are the problem of society. Darker side of
family/female experiences (Hartmann, 1976) attempted to combine
Marxist and radical feminism by suggesting that domestic work limits
women’s earning potential, and drives women into marriage and
dependence- thus patriarchy and capitalism reinforce one another
Black feminism- second wave Combahee River Collective (1977) all forms
of inequality should be challenged, intersectionality.
Postmodern feminism- development from black feminism, Butler
To sum up… give an overview of this theory- what does it do well, what does it
miss? Feminism is a theory of different strands. Feminism in 2021?