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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made.
I think both can apply to entrepreneurs as entrepreneurship is broad in itself alone. If you grew
the idea first alone in your head before you went out to do it becoming a pioneer, could we say
you were born for it or made for it? I think that would mean you’re born for it but at the same
time the act of you doing it and attaining the label of an entrepreneur has made you one! So I
think that we can conclude that you can be born one but if you never initiate you’ll never be
one. If you don’t learn to become the best of the best through understanding the
characteristics of being an entrepreneur then I believe you might not achieve your best even if
you’re born for it. At the same time one might be born into it and also be molded into being
one of if not the best. But being born into it doesn’t really mean you can be made into one for
example the Rockefellers were among the richest back in the 20th century but right now they’re
unheard of not even top ten on Forbes’ list. The reason for sure you may never know but the
thing I want to point out is who have now surpassed them? If you really look at it these are the
first batch of entrepreneurs I talked about, the ones born for it and took the initiative to be one
for example Larry Page who I think is ranked in the top ten currently on Forbes’ list started his
company in a house garage. Right now it’s the Google you never go a day by without needing
it’s services and the owner of the garage is running YouTube, I know how tables turn is
unbelievable but doable only if, you can understand the art of being an entrepreneur.