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Velocity vs. Time Practice Set #1

Velocity vs. Time Graphs - Practice Set 1
Time (hours)
Above is a velocity-time graph of a moving car. Answer the following questions using the graph.
________ a.
At what time was the car stopped?
________ b.
At what time did the car have the greatest velocity?
________ c.
What was the greatest velocity?
________ d.
At what time(s) was the car accelerating?
________ e.
How fast was the car going at 1.0h?
________ f.
What is the acceleration at 0.9 hr?
2. Use the graph to the right to answer the following
a. What is the acceleration of the object between
times t=0 and t= 2?
b. What is the acceleration of the object between
times t=10 and t=12
5. A car accelerates from rest and reaches a velocity of 6 m/s after 2 seconds. It remains at this velocity for 1
second and then accelerates again for 3 seconds to a final velocity of 10 m/s. At this point it breaks at a stop,
taking 3 seconds to do so.
(a) – Graph the velocity vs. time journey on the graph below