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Learning Output 05
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1. Summarize and explain the salient points, as well as the strengths and weakness of the Natural Law
Theory and Divine Command Theory. Use the table below for your answers.
Salient points of the Theory
Strengths and Weaknesses
Natural Law
Divine Command
2. Choose between The Natural Law Theory and Divine Command Theory. Using the chosen
ethical framework, evaluate the given moral issues below and provide the best and plausible
moral decision.
Case #1:
Gretchen is a preacher in their church. She teaches children the bible and there include the Ten
Commandments. It is said that killing a person is absolutely wrong. One day she found out that she
has an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is a type of pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus,
most commonly in the fallopian tubes, which is not normal for a fetus to develop. If this happens,
the development of the fetus will definitely endanger the mother. Thus, if Gretchen continues with
her pregnancy, then there is a big possibility that she will die. According to experts, the best way to
save Gretchen’s life is to abort the fetus, which necessarily implies killing the fetus. If she will not
abort the fetus, then Gretchen as well as the fetus will die. Will she abort the child or will she take
the risk of the pregnancy together with child and later on face its consequence?