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Lesson 9: Using Active and Passive Voice
What are active and passive voice?
Rewrite each sentence in the voice shown before the item number.
1. The decision has been made by Mother.
2. Leo sent that postcard.
3. My manager has drafted a memo.
4. The poodle was treated by the veterinarian.
5. The race was won by Jackie.
6. A wolf made those paw prints.
Uses of active and passive voice
Identify each verb as active or passive voice. Rewrite each weak passive-voice sentence in
the active voice. If the passive voice is appropriate, leave the sentence as is.
_____ 1. The story was edited by Paulo.
_____ 2. Some equipment has been stolen from the lab.
_____ 3. Finally the two boys reached an agreement.
_____ 4. The coastline had been battered badly by the hurricane.
_____ 5. Kara has been collecting books by her favorite authors.
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