Uploaded by ADITYA MEENA

Instruction to join the tournament Gambit

Please make sure you all
3 team up in the lobby
before joining the
After joining with your 2team mate only team
leader must follow these
upcoming steps.
Click on Play(lobby) >>
then click on
tournament as
highlighted here
Only for team leader (
other 2 players have to
sit and wait in the lobby
till team leader joins the
Click on custom (right
above the screen)
In the custom >> click on join
Enter the name of
tournament and password
>> shared by Gambit team
over WhatsApp
Check for other members
screen they will also find the
count down timer on their
screen too.
Wait for match to start
System will automatically
take you to the next match
Please do not leave
tournament in between
your game.
Team Gambit won’t be
responsible for any of your
loss after the match has
begun properly.
-Happy Gaming