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Strategic Management
Prelim Examination
Instruction: For this examination, you will need a blank paper as answer sheet, write on it your
handwritten answers and take a picture of it and upload to google classroom. The time allotment for
this exam is 40 minutes.
Identification: Identify the terms being described in each number. Write your answer in a separate
_____________1. The process of specifying an organization objective, policies and plans and allocation
of resources for the representation of the plan.
_____________2. A broad guideline for decision making that links the formulation of strategy with its
_____________3. Strategic decisions that serve as precedents for less important decision.
_____________4. A strategy guided by the founder’s vision.
_____________5. The lasting character of the firm.
_____________6. Hierarchical arrangement of task and people.
_____________7. These are resources that are critically required to achieve competitive advantage.
_____________8. In the preparation of vision, the CEO selects people to further develop it.
_____________9. The basis of business process objective.
____________10. This mode of decision making involves systematic information.
Matching type: Choose your answer for column A in column B. Write your answer on the separate
____1. Economic factors.
____2. Strategy Evaluation
____3. Adoptive mode.
____4. Mission.
____5. Process.
____6. Vision.
____7. Strategy.
____8. HR.
____9. Food manufacturing Division.
____10. Socio-cultural factor.
____11. Strategy
____12. Sense of destiny
____13. Corporate objective
____14. Resources.
____15. Corporate strategies
a. the mind of management
b. dual career couples
c. strategic intent
d. strategic objective unit
e. functional level strategy
f. business process objective
g. CEO
h. the end part of the strategic management process
i. core purpose of the organization
j. business level strategy
k.net disposable income
l. it puts the strategy into action
m. ” muddling through” decision
n. resources
o. idealized description of outcome
Please answer precisely and briefly- just utilize the spaces provided or just one brief sentence for each
1. What is the purpose of industry analysis? _________________________________________
2. What is the difference between traditional manager and progressive manager?
3. What is the role of information in the environment analysis? _________________________
4. What attracts new firms to the competition and how differentiation can prevent influx of firms?
5. Why the ecological factors should be considered in the internal resource analysis? What best
practice do you have in your family culture that protects the environment? How will you
influence an organization towards environment protection that benefits the future generation?
Ecological factors. _______________________________________________________________
Best Practice. ___________________________________________________________________
Influence. _____________________________________________________________________
6. Reflecting on the knowledge gained in the internal resource analysis, is there a company you can
cite that incorporated environment protection in the vision or mission? If yes, write it here
________________________________________________________________________. If
none, why do you think so?
7. In the strategic management process, in which part is alternative being considered? Justify.
8. How do the strategy and tactics differ? _____________________________________________
9. Why the strategic intent is considered a soul of management.