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Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern,
Wan Poh Yee was one of our brightest students at UCSI College and she has portrayed an outstanding
academic achievement for the programme of Diploma in Information Technology. Furthermore, she
was the Student’s Council President and actively played her role in events related to student’s affair.
Her demeanour and active role have garnered positive feedbacks from both lecturers and students
alike. Unimpeachable integrity, highly independent and responsible are the words that best describes
her quality traits. There is no doubt that Wan Poh Yee is an exemplary role model who everyone looks
up to. As one of the lecturers who was closely involved in Wan Poh Yee’s course of studies at UCSI
College, I had the chance to observe her closely and based on my observation, I could sense her
burning desire in pursuing her ambition. This can be seen through her high aptitude for the tasks that
she has undertaken.
Wan Poh Yee has my highest recommendation as one of the scholarship recipients. She has
demonstrated excellence in all that she puts her mind to, whether it is practical and theory-based
tasks. Her endless thirst for knowledge is simply amazing as she would go to the extra mile in order
satiate her curiosity. I strongly believe that she will be able to meet any expectations, requirements
and commitments that are expected of her if she is chosen. We are glad and proud to have her as a
part of batch 2019 cohort.
Thank you.
Nadiah Zainal Abidin
Head of Program
UCSI College
Email: nadiah@ucsicollege.edu.my