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about me
Some things you need to know
about me to help me learn best
Help your
teacher(s) get to
know you better.
You can take this away
with you to discuss at
home and at school
if you want to.
Date of birth
Where I was born
Tënä koe
The people in my family/whänau...
The languages we speak at home...
Some interesting things about me that you may not know...
(write your teacher’s name)
I learn best when...
I find it hard to...
Teacher(s) can make this easier by...
When I don’t understand what to do, I...
During our lessons I like it when...
This learner profile was developed by the Ministry of Education for the Festivals
of Education 2014. The theme of the activity was “About Me” and knowing your
learner. If you want further information please contact your local Ministry of
Education office. http://www.minedu.govt.nz/AboutThisSite/ContactUs.aspx