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Skills you can gain from teaching

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Skills you can gain from teaching
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Becoming a Teacher is one of the most rewarding professions you can get a career in. Not only is it rewarding in the sense
that you are teaching the next generation, but also that there is always a need for Teachers and you will learn many skills while
being a Teacher that can also help you in your normal life.
Looking back to your own school
Here are some key skills you can gain while working as a Teacher.
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Being a good Teacher requires you to have great communication, this is so you can help students and children understand
what it is you are trying to teach them.
You are constantly trying to understand what it is students and children respond to well, so this is a constantly evolving skill.
But once you have a good amount of placement hours and experience, you will have a good understanding of how students
work and receive your information. Allowing you to adapt and evolve your communication skills to each class and individual
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The Teacher is the leader in the classroom. You have developed and constructed a well thought out timetable of how you
want the class and studies to run for the day. So you will need to take charge and make sure that all the students are
completing the work that you have set out. While also making sure everyone has an understanding of the tasks set out, plus
having time for each individual student.
Being a leader requires you to be helpful as well. There may be some students that are stuck or finding it difficult to complete
their work. But a leader will help direct and nurture those that are in need.
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Each Teacher is a presenter in a sense. You have the knowledge and the information, then you are taking what you know and
presenting it to your students in a easy to digest manner.
You will obviously gain more confidence overtime, but when you gain more experience under your belt and depending on who
you are teaching to, you can have more fun with it. If you’re teaching a class of 4 year olds you can say, teach with a puppet
to make it more engaging and fun for them. Or if you’re teaching a group of adults, you can have a little banter (obviously not
too much) and making them feel more relaxed in the classroom.
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Overall, each Teacher has their own individual style of presenting.
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Imaginative Thinking
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Imaginative thinking really comes to play when teaching and will allow you to really think outside the box. Every class is
different and you won’t teach the same way you would with a group of 4 year olds or a class of teenagers.
This is where you can really gain some great skills in thinking how you can make your lessons more engaging and informative.
Playing around with what would work in each varying class or lesson. Also keeping in mind that some strategies won’t work
on every student, as everyone is different.
You could really get creative with your teaching, as long as the information is understood.
Organization is key for any job role or career path. But in teaching you will have to use your leadership and planning skills to
have great organization.
You will gain this skill from working on your timetables for the week/ month and for each of your individual lessons. From
working in a School placement you will understand how much time you will have to plan to your lessons and how you can fit
in all that you need to teach the students for the day.
From taking all of the above skills into account. You will gain a decent amount of confidence becoming a Teacher. This will be
from having confidence in your planning, your communication, your creative lesson ideas, your organization, presenting,
leadership and so much more.
Well you must already be in a confident mindset after pursuing a career in teaching, you are teaching the next generation of
people after all. Now that’s pretty confident!
These skills are just a small taste of what you can really gain from being a Teacher. All of these skills are transferable in your
everyday life.
To find out more about how to get into teaching, visit our website sccdtraining.co.uk
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