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Response to Maradin
Hello Maradin, health policies are very vital to any community. They need to be well
thought of and implemented. From the above work, Maradin has made very good facts regarding
the best ways to ensure that policies are made to benefit the middle-income and low-income
populations (Lassi et al.,2014). The information regarding the procedures to ensure the policies
are accomplished is very precise. She has outlined how the process would be done to ensure that
the selected group can benefit from health care policies. She has explained how the health
committee would approve the policies to benefit the community. Her involving the selected
group in the process is very thoughtful as it ensures that they offer genuine thoughts affecting
them and which will be considered for them to be accepted. If I were a voting member, I would
vote for the proposal. However, there is a question that she never answered. The question that I
would ask is for her to outline that health policy that she deems viable to help the community.
She could have stated the policy she aims for funding to help the community. Despite giving a
good proposal, she never hinted at the policy.
Lassi, Z. S., Kumar, R., Mansoor, T., Salam, R. A., Das, J. K., & Bhutta, Z. A. (2014). Essential
interventions: implementation strategies and proposed packages of care. Reproductive
health, 11(1), 1-17.
Response to Chelsea
Hey Chelsea, the post made very valid reasons that need the attention of the hospital
administration. Diabetes is a disease that affects many people globally, and the figure is
increasing due to unhealthy eating habits (Heuman and Scholl, 2013) The proposal made is very
articulate and precise. The hospital administration needs to focus on diabetic patients by offering
a balanced diet. The claims made are very accurate and give a picture of what is happening in the
hospital. That raises suspicion if that is the case in all the other hospitals. It is a good proposal,
and the proposal should be given to all hospital administrations to ensure that they get a solution.
Additionally, that could be the issue in many hospitals in the country and even globally. It is
good that the proposal is also tabled before congress as that would make them discuss ways of
amending those issues. That would also make it possible for congress to restructure its budget
and focus more on critical cases. The proposal's funding would be very good for all patients, but
a question that arises is if the hospitals will be able to manage to offer different meals to different
Heuman, A. N., Scholl, J. C., & Wilkinson, K. (2013). Rural Hispanic populations at risk in
developing diabetes: sociocultural and familial challenges in promoting a healthy
diet. Health communication, 28(3), 260-274.