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Charlott's Web Questions

Comprehension Questions – Charlotte’s Web
Chapter 1
1. Describe the setting of this story.
2. Why did Fern’s father decide to keep the pig and not kill it?
3. What did Fern name her pig? Wilbur p.7
Chapter 2
1. How did Wilbur stay warm at night?
2. Why did Mr. Arable need to sell Wilbur?
3. Why did Fern’s Uncle decide to buy the pig?
Chapter 3
1. Describe Wilbur’s new home.
2. Is the goose a good or bad influence and why?
3. How did Lurvy and Uncle Homer catch Wilbur?
4. Why didn’t Wilbur care that he was being led back to his pen?
Chapter 4
1. Why is Wilbur sad in this chapter?
2. Describe Templeton.
3. Give me three descriptive words (adjectives) of how Wilbur was feeling in this chapter.
4. Who do you think spoke to Wilbur about being his friend?
Chapter 5
1. Why did Wilbur have a difficult time sleeping?
2. Describe Charlotte.
3. What did Charlotte say that finally convinced Wilbur that catching bugs and drinking their
blood was ok?
4. What did goose know about Wilbur that he did not?
Chapter 6
1. Give three reasons why the book felt the happiest and fairest days on the farm are in
early summer.
2. Why did the geese worry about Templeton?
3. What did Charlotte say would happen if the egg broke?
Chapter 7
1. Who told Wilbur that the farmer would most likely kill him when the weather got cold?
2. What was Wilbur’s reaction?
Chapter 8
1. Why was Mrs. Arable concerned about Fern?
Chapter 9
1. What did Charlotte try to teach Wilbur to do?
2. Why couldn’t Wilbur spin a web?
3. How did Charlotte help Wilbur feel better when he was worried about dying?
4. What was the advice Charlotte told Wilbur?
Chapter 10
1. What was Charlotte’s plan going to do to Zuckerman?
2. What did Avery want to do with Charlotte?
3. Why wasn’t Avery able to catch her
4. What made the terrible smell go away?
Chapter 11
1. Describe Mr. Zuckerman’s reaction when they saw Charlotte’s web?
2. Where did Mr. Zuckerman go with his suit on and why?
3. Why was everyone coming to see the pig?
4. What was Avery’s punishment for trying to hit the spider with a stick?
5. What did the minister say the “sign” or miracle was?
Chapter 12
1. How do we know Charlotte’s plan to save Wilbur worked?
2. How did the animals want Templeton to help out Charlotte?
3. What made Templeton agree with bringing back magazine clippings?
Chapter 13
1. After seeing the word “terrific” written in the web, what plans did Zuckerman make for
2. What was the dump that Templeton went to?
3. Give me two examples in this chapter that describe how Charlotte feels about Wilbur.
Chapter 14
1. Why did Fern’s mother visit Dr. Dorian?
2. What did Dr. Dorian tell Mrs. Arable?
Chapter 15
1. Why was Charlotte worried when she heard the crickets singing that summer was almost
2. What was Wilbur’s attitude even with the attention he was getting?
3. Why did Charlotte need to stay at the farm and not go to the fair?
Chapter 16
1. How did the sheep convince Templeton he should go to the fair?
2. What made Wilbur faint as everyone admired him?
3. How did the farmer know that Wilbur was ok?
Chapter 17
1. Using 3 of the senses describe what the family saw as they arrived at the fair.
2. Avery and Fern wanted to go have fun at the fair. How much money did their father give
to each of them?
3. Describe Uncle.
Chapter 18
1. What word did Templeton bring Charlotte at the fair and why was it a good word?
2. Why was the fair a paradise for Templeton?
3. What do you think Charlotte is making?
Chapter 19
1. Why isn’t Charlotte going to see her children?
2. Why is everyone so excited after bathing Wilbur in buttermilk?
3. Why is Charlotte feeling content and peaceful?
Chapter 20
1. Where did Fern want to go during the award ceremony?
2. Why is the writing in the web such a phenomenon?
3. What did the rat do to Wilbur save him after he fainted?
4. Why did Avery enjoy getting splashed with water?
Chapter 21
1. Why can’t Charlotte go back to the barn?
2. What’s the deal Wilbur made with Templeton to make him get Charlotte’s egg sac?
3. How did the egg sac feel in Templeton’s mouth?
Chapter 22
1. Why did Wilbur look forward to winter ending?
2. Describe to me the signs of spring.
3. Why were Charlotte’s children leaving Wilbur?
4. How many spiders decided to stay with Wilbur?