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Challenges in the UK oral assessment March 2022

Oral assessment (The UK period): «Challenges»
Group talk:
To prepare for this assessment, you will explore a challenge, in the United Kingdom, and you will share
your findings in a group talk with two/three other students in week 11. Choose to study either one or
several of the following challenges: poverty/social inequality, crime, immigration, and gender
You may use texts in Stages as a starting point and explore other relevant sources.
When: Weeks 10-11
Assessment form: Group talk
These are some questions you should be able to discuss in the group talks:
- What is the current status of your chosen challenge(s)? Is it getting better? Or worse? Much the
same? Why?
- What are the main causes of the challenge(s) you have explored?
- Is there an important, historical background to your challenge(s)?
- What is/has been done to improve things?
- What do you believe might be a possible solution?
- How can we impact young people’s choices?
- What opportunities are needed in the communities where crime is happening?
- What challenges does Freddie Mercury face in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody?
- Would you say that fame and fortune lead to happiness?
- The term "Beatlemania” refers to the hysterical behaviour of the Beatles' fans. What are the symptoms of fan hysteria? What bands or
musicians create this kind of hysteria today? Why do you think fans behave this way?
- Do you have the impression that the UK is a multicultural nation? In what ways?
- Why do some people leave their home countries to live and work in other countries? What challenges do they face?