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Social Media and Interpersonal Communication
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1. Do you agree that Facebook is the best social media platform to use for interpersonal
communication? Why or why not?
Facebook actually may be the best social media platform for interpersonal
communication because it is more open to relationships and it is easier to communicate
2. Is Twitter an effective method of interpersonal communication?
Twitter could be because you can send other funny tweets out and that's a form of
3. Do you think social media interaction inhibits our ability to communicate and socialize
offline? Why or why not?
I feel like it does because people tend to not know how to talk to others when they aren't
able to talk behind a screen, people are also more scared when talking in person.
4. Are you concerned that strangers may have access to the personal information you share on
social media platforms? Why or why not?
Strangers have a lot of access to our personal information whether we think it or not,
there are so many ways they can get our information without us even knowing.
5. Do the pros of interpersonal communication via social media outweigh the cons? Explain.
I feel like it does because it helps people make their relationships stronger rather than just
not talking to a person at all.
6. Think of a time when you posted something online that you would not have said or shared
otherwise? Why do you think you felt more comfortable communicating this way?
I think I felt more comfortable because I was behind a screen instead of actually being in
someone’s face.
7. How is talking to someone via a social media platform different from communicating with
them in person?
Talking to someone via social media is very different because you don't have someone in
your face and they can't exactly react how they would as if they were in your face.
8. Why is it important to practice safety guidelines when communicating with others via social
media platforms?
It is important because you could hurt someone's feelings, also it could ruin your chances
at something you really wanted like a job.
Writing Assessment
1. Of Facebook and Twitter, which social media platform do you feel is best suited for
interpersonal communication? Support your answer by citing at least three distinguishing
features of the platform you chose and explaining how these features facilitate interpersonal
I feel like Facebook is a better way to manage interpersonal relationships because
Facebook has messenger which is literally like text messaging. Facebook also has more
people using it that are older, so when you post something only older people or your
friends would see it quicker rather than seeing it on twitter. Also Facebook has a better
way of commenting on things of the people that you are friends with.