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MARTILLAN-3B- NCM 116 LEC-Case Study - Colonoscopy

NCM 116 LEC- Case Study: Colonoscopy
Case Study: Colonoscopy
Carl is a 54-year-old patient who comes to the clinic and informs the nurse that he has
been having blood in his stools for the past 2 weeks. He states that he has no pain or
discomfort and has never had any trouble with his bowel movements. The physician
schedules Carl for a colonoscopy.
1. The nurse is giving Carl instructions about preparation of the bowel prior to
procedure. What is the importance of bowel preparation for a colonoscopy?
 Adequate colon cleansing provides optimal visualization and decreases the
time needed for the procedure.
2. What information should the nurse provide with regard to the position Carl will be
placed in during the procedure?
 Colonoscopy is performed while the patient is lying on the left side with the
legs drawn up to the chest - can be changed during the test to facilitate
advancement of the scope.
3. The nurse informs Carl that he will be monitored during the entire procedure. What
monitoring will occur during the procedure?
 Patients cardiac and respiratory function
 O2 saturation is monitored continuously with supplemental O2 used as
4. During the colonoscopy, for what complications should Carl be continuously
 Cardiac dysrhythmias and respiratory depression resulting from
medications administered
 Vasovagal reactions and circulatory overload
 Hypotension resulting for overhydration or underhydration during bowel