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Plan CASE Intro

1. Understand Overall Construction Procedure of Different Types of Structures.
2. Understand The Role & Responsibilities of Structural Engineer in Overall Design &
Construction of Structures.
3. Modelling of Structures
- Understand Geometry
- Different Techniques or Methods of Creating Geometry of Structures
- How to Model a Residential Building
- How to model beams and columns
- How to model slabs
- How to model shear walls
4. Application of Loads
- How to apply Dead Load, Live Loads
-How to apply Lift Load
- How to apply water tank load
- How to apply seismic load using seismic coefficient method
-How to apply seismic load using response spectrum load
- How to apply wind load
5. Analysis
- How to check the SFD & BMD
- How to check behavior of structures
- How to check the lateral load & scale the base shear using response spectrum load
6. Design
- How to check whether member is passed or failed
- How to check the percentage of steel
- How to check the other clauses of code
7. Detailing
- Prepare a typical layout of Continuous Beam
- Prepare a typical layout of Column
- Prepare a typical layout of Slabs
- Prepare a typical layout of Footings
Take a typical residential building architectural plan and complete the following
- Create a column layout
- Create a beam layout
- Create a slab layout
- Create a footing layout
- Prepare a final structural layout plan
- Convert it into grids and import grids in ETABS or STAAD Pro.
- Create Geometry
- Apply Load
- Analysis
- Design
- Detailing