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Rent subsidy notice of determination 2022 03 02 00 34 08 525458

Summerside PE C1N 5Z7
Date Issued
Mar 4, 2022
Business number
71049 8882 ZA0001
VoiceBootcamp Canada Inc.
101 - 3 MASSEY SQ
Subject: Rent Subsidy - Notice of (re)determination (period covered: January 16, 2022 to February
12, 2022 )
We determined that VoiceBootcamp Canada Inc. is eligible for the rent subsidy under the Hardest-Hit
Business Recovery Program for this qualifying period.
Your entitlement is $1,747.70 (under subsection 152(3.4) of the Income Tax Act).
If the amount showing on this notice is different from what you claimed, we will send you an
explanation of the change separately.
For more information on the rent subsidies, go to canada.ca/taxes.
If you disagree and want to file an objection, you have 90 days from the date of this notice. To learn
more about your objection rights, go to canada.ca/cra-complaints-disputes.
If you are late with filing any of your returns, we encourage you to file them as soon as possible. We
use your tax information to determine your eligibility for benefit and credit payments.
We may also hold any refunds or credits you are entitled to until you file all your outstanding returns.
You must keep your books and records in case we ask to see them later. For more information on how
to keep adequate books and records, go to canada.ca/taxes-records.
If you need more information about this notice, call us at 1-800-959-5525.
Thank you,
Bob Hamilton
Commissioner of Revenue
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