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Nomad House by Rick Joy

Habiba Elnagdy
Professor Matt Burgermaster
Professor Mark Rakatansky
Theories of Architecture
11 March, 2022
Nomad House by Rick Joy
After this week's reading, specifically inspired by the statement that "the physical
production of detail is also found in the mental production", I went back to look at details in my
case study that had to have been started during the mental production stage.
The landscape surrounding the site provides dramatic perspectives and so I focused on
the orientation of each square volume and their functions. After studying the views of the
surroundings and the possible orientations to achieve a greater climate control, the program of
the house was divided into three boxes of serene cuboid geometry. Each primary space —living,
bedroom and small den—is intentionally oriented toward a singular view. The main social spaces
open up to the southwest in the afternoon, the lights of dusk accentuate the craggy rock hills of
the surroundings and as night falls the city lights of Tucson emerge.
For my representational analysis, I chose to make a GIF playing around with the
orientation of each square volume. I did so by simply rotating all three volumes at a 20 degrees
angle for each GIF frame.