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Social Network

Social Networking
what social networking sites would you recommend using?
Tony Durham
Marketing, American Public University
MKTG308: Social Media Marketing
Dr. Seay
December 19, 2021
Social Networking
what social networking sites would you recommend using?
The Photography industry is very large and may seem a little bit saturated. You
may not believe it or know but you can be successful in photography if you have great
marketing skills. If you utilize the foundation in social marketing. The social networking
sites I recommend for my industry are Facebook and Instagram (IG). These two sites
are the most viewed and logged-in sites in the country.
Compare Facebook and Instagram
Facebook and Instagram are very much similar in the process of marketing in
any industry. These two sites are the most dominant social media marketing network in
the social media ecosystem to this day. Consumer and customers are these sites every
day browsing and shopping around the clock. Facebook and Instagram both allow you
to interact with the consumers and the customers. They publish content for the
audience to see the products and services provided. Things like the ability to have
an Instagram placement for a Facebook ad and allowing users to share Instagram
Stories directly to Facebook are just two of the ways these platforms have created
moments of synergy for marketers and users alike. (Jackson, 2019) Knowing these
aspects makes it hard to choose which platform to use when marketing a brand or
`Facebook Pros and Cons
Facebook has been at the forefront of all social media networking after pushing
the site myspace out of the social media ecosystem. Facebook allows its profile holders
to be more interactive with their consumers and customers. With the years that
Facebook has been around, they have the upper hand on the growing population of
growing brands and businesses. Pros of the utilization of Facebook are formal
interaction, creating ads, audience targeting, and more daily viewers. Facebook is
multifaceted which lets you do anything; you can create and join groups, shop,
share photos and videos, create an event, and more with Facebook. (Khillar, 2019)
Facebook has a secret science on the algorithm the site uses to attract more viewers to
brand or business posts.
Instagram Pros and Cons
Instagram may have fewer profile holders than Facebook but it’s winning the
effectiveness of attractions. Instagram is more organized than Facebook only focusing
on content creations such as photos and videos. Instagram relies heavily on mobility
meaning the landing pages should be hundred percent optimized for mobile users so
that advertisers would make the best of their online presence on Instagram. (Khillar,
2019) One con about IG is you must have a Facebook business profile in order to
publish ads and create a target audience. When publishing content on IG you can
hashtag certain audiences to view a brand or business content. This is a major plus it
cuts down on the financial portion of advertising on this platform.
Recommendation of Social Networking Sites
In order of precedence, I would recommend IG over Facebook because of its
organization of the platform. I am in the wedding photography industry, and I choose IG
over Facebook because IG allows me to keep my page organized. It free flows my
photos and videos in a manner that keeps my content in order. Through trial and error,
IG is by far the best for the industry I’m in. Although I still use Facebook as my blogging
page to post informational content. IG Kept me from going into financial debt with
purchasing ads, IG allowed me to hashtag different target markets that lead consumers
to my business page.
Using the four fundamentals to create a great site. Lead capture, structure,
content, and social media integration. Lead capture gives the ability to post promotional
videos of the discounts and incentives my brand has to offer. Structuring my photos and
videos in an organized manner to consumers viewing. Displaying content on my Ig page
stays on the front page and consumers don’t have to go search to find content or
incentives that have been posted. Social integration gives the consumers a way to have
great communication with the brand or business. This may not be to the extent as
Facebook, but you still can have fluent communication with your consumers and
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