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Super Rich Dad

Chapter 544
"This ......" Jiang Hao looked at Shen Haoting with a stunned expression.
Shen Haoting, on the other hand, smiled and didn't say much, only patting Jiang Hao's shoulder. Indicating that
he should follow him.
Soon, several people walked into the bushes.
Soon the group arrived deep in the bushes, and Ye Yunjie had someone clear the vicinity, and immediately an
iron door appeared in front of the group.
Two youths worked together to pull the iron door open. A passage that stretched downwards was presented to
the crowd.
Seeing this, Jiang Hao was astonished. He did not expect that there would be another door here.
Moreover, Jiang Hao's gaze looked downwards and seemed to find that there was still a lot of space down
Ye Yunjie bowed and made a gesture of invitation, signalling that Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie could go in.
The two of them walked in, one after the other, down less than fifty steps, and then suddenly the front opened
At the end of the narrow passage, there was a space of several hundred square metres, and it was brightly lit up
and crowded with people.
When many people saw Shen Haoting appear, they were startled and then rushed over to greet him.
It was obvious that all these people knew Shen Haoting. And Shen Haoting also seemed to know each of them.
After a brief chat, Shen Haoting and Jiang Hao were led to a transparent glass coffin.
Shen Haoting pointed to what was inside the glass coffin and showed it to Jiang Hao: "Son, see? That is the
thing that will ensure that our Shen family will stand for a thousand years, Shangdian!"
Shen Haoting's last two words were heavy in tone, and also seemed unusually grand.
Jiang Hao seemed to be able to feel the excitement in his father's heart.
He hurriedly looked into the glass coffin and saw that there was a dark yellow translucent stone plaque placed
in the glass coffin.
Jiang Hao could not help but be a little surprised at the situation and hurriedly looked at Shen Haoting: "Dad,
didn't you say that Shangdian is a book that records the laws of the operation of heaven and earth? This ...... is
not a stone ......"
Shen Haoting sniffed. Haha laughed out loud and heavily patted Jiang Hao on the shoulder and said, "Silly
boy, does the book have to appear in the situation of paper?"
Shen Haoting's words made Jiang Hao a bit confused, if not paper, then what?
Just as Jiang Hao was puzzled, he saw Shen Haoting waving his hand violently, and a middle-aged man
dressed in white at the side nodded his head in a hurry. Then the man pushed a switch-like object next to him.
Almost instantly, a shocking change took place in the glass coffin.
The light in the glass coffin instantly dimmed. Then the stone plaque underneath seemed to receive some kind
of stimulus and emitted a faint yellow glow.
The most obvious change was the stone plaque, which lit up one after another, and as it gradually became
brighter and brighter. Some faint characters were actually emitted from it.
The feeling was similar to that of a holographic projection, and as time went on, the characters radiating from
the stone plaque gradually became clearer. And they kept changing, like a piece of heavenly book, skimming
past the people present.
It was just that Jiang Hao was amazed that he didn't recognize any of the characters radiating out from the
stone tile, and only occasionally felt somehow familiar.
"What kind of writing is this ......?" Jiang Hao hurriedly whispered to Shen Haoting and asked him.
Shen Haoting couldn't stop staring at the characters radiating from the stone plaque, his gaze full of
But then he shook his head, "Actually, I don't know them either, and do you see these people here? They are
the ones responsible for deciphering these characters."
Jiang Hao sniffed and looked at the stern-faced people around him. The people, older or younger, hastily asked
again, "So have they deciphered it now?"
This time Shen Haoting did not answer. Instead, an old man in his fifties, dressed in a white coat and wearing
bottle-bottom spectacle lenses on his head, answered his question before him.
"So far we have managed to decipher a few hundred characters. What is written inside is nothing more than
some prescriptions and things we can't read ......"
The man looked a little helpless. Looking towards Shen Haoting, a touch of apology appeared on his face as he
said, "Mr. Shen, I'm really sorry, after so many years, progress is still slow ......"
Shen Haoting didn't seem too angry, he just patted the man's shoulder and encouraged him, "Chen Lao, no
harm done, the progress you have now is already a great improvement, don't be discouraged we have plenty of
time ......"
Shen Haoting then added to Jiang Hao, "Besides, the content or otherwise in this Shang Deng Dang is not
really that important, because we just need to know that it has power. And that this power is something that
can be used for us."
Shen Haoting then dragged Jiang Hao and strolled around the underground "base" while explaining to him, "In
fact, for more than a thousand years, my Shen clan has never given up on deciphering the characters in this
Shang Dian, but it has never helped, but it doesn't matter, because whether we decipher its It doesn't matter,
because whether or not we decipher its contents does not affect our ability to use its power in any way. And
what you don't know is that there is an infinite amount of power in this Canon, but it's not that simple to use it!
And it can only be used by waiting"
"What does that mean?" Jiang Hao asked curiously.
Chapter 545
Shen Haoting pondered a little and replied, "Although my Shen clan has been guarding the Shang Dian for a
thousand years, there are still many mysteries about it that we have not yet solved, such as these mysterious
characters and the "awakening" of the Shang Dian every one year! "
"Awakening?" Jiang Hao was astonished, "What does this mean?"
Shen Haoting sighed and said, "In fact, the Shang Dian does contain infinite power, but it's not that simple to
draw on its power anytime and anywhere. The reason is that the Shangdian can only be awakened every one
year, and the enormous energy it contains can only be used during this time. It is impossible for anyone to
wake him up again, and there is no way to borrow power from it!"
As Shen Haoting spoke, his eyes shone brightly as he said to Jiang Hao, "Son, do you know that it's only less
than a week until Shangdian wakes up again, and Dad has been waiting for this day for over ten years! As soon
as Shangdian awakens, Daddy will be able to use its unrivalled power to wipe out the hatred of my Shen
family from more than ten years ago. By then, whatever the overseas Shen family, whatever the thirty-six Shen
clans, you and I can do whatever we want as long as we use the power of Shangdian!"
He had been waiting for this day for too long. He had been waiting for this day for seventeen years.
As long as this day comes, even if he dies, Shen Haoting will have no regrets!
Before Shen Haoting could be happy for too long, he saw a young man in black running in from outside in a
hurry. The other man first looked at Shen Haoting and wanted to say something, but then turned to Ye Yunjie's
side and muttered something in a low voice.
When the man finished speaking, Ye Yunjie's face was suddenly shocked and she exclaimed in dismay, "How
is that possible? Isn't this matter top secret? And the route taken also went in a circle, how come it ended up
The man's face was grave, silently shaking his head and whispering, "This ...... is unknown. But what now?"
Ye Yunjie thought for a moment and hurriedly said, "Scatter everyone to go, make sure to find the
whereabouts of the madam with the fastest speed!"
"Yes!" The man responded loudly. He hurriedly turned around and left.
And it seemed that Shen Haoting had also noticed this side and looked at Ye Yunjie, but as a result, before he
could open his mouth to ask, Ye Yunjie walked straight over.
"Mr. Shen, something has happened!" Ye Yunjie said.
When he suddenly heard the word "accident", Shen Haoting's heart could not help but feel a trace of sad
clouds. The face suddenly changed, at this time Ye Yunjie said something had happened, Shen Haoting
actually guessed a thing or two.
"Is ...... it Wan'er?"
Ye Yunjie nodded silently. Came up to Shen Haoting's ear and whispered, "It's that something happened to
Madam, the people I secretly sent to fetch Madam are dead, and Madam is ......"
"What happened to my mother?" Before Ye Yunjie could finish her sentence, Jiang Hao, who was on the side,
heard this and turned like a thunderstorm, his whole body exploded, "Sister Ye. What's wrong?"
Ye Yunjie looked at Jiang Hao, and then at Shen Haoting, seemingly with some hesitation. After all, Ye
Yunjie knew well the relationship between Jiang Hao and his mother, and was afraid that Jiang Hao wouldn't
be able to bear this terrible news!
But Shen Haoting nodded silently, "Jiang Hao has grown up, tell us what has happened!"
With these words from Shen Haoting, Ye Yunjie said, "Someone just came to report that our people who went
to pick up Madam were stopped, all my two men are dead and Madam's whereabouts is unknown, but looking
at the current situation, Madam should still be alive because the people sent to Lei's group said that after the
car was checked, there was no trace of Madam's blood. And they hacked into the nearby road surveillance and
found a few cars that were suspicious, but don't worry, Mr. Shen. I've already told them to make sure to find
the cars!"
After hearing Ye Yunjie's words, Shen Haoting took a long breath of cold air and sighed in shame and anger,
"Aiya. It's all my fault, I should have gone to Wan Er personally, if I had gone personally. It wouldn't have
been like this!"
Shen Haoting looked incomparably remorseful, and the guilt in his heart for Jiang Wan simply grew a few
layers deeper and deeper.
And Jiang Hao's whole body was going crazy after hearing the news that his mother had been abducted!
"Who was it? Who did it? My mother has been a good person for so many years and has never offended
anyone, why would they do this to my mother? Who did it? Dad, what should I do? My mum can ......"
The first time I saw the company, I was in the middle of the game.
Shen Haoting was clear. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.
Shen Haoting hurriedly embraced Jiang Hao in his arms. He said comfortingly, "Jiang Hao, cheer up, your
mother will be fine, daddy promises you, don't worry, I will definitely bring your mother back ......"
As Shen Haoting said, his fists were clenched tightly, he felt ashamed of Jiang Wan on the one hand, and on
the other hand, the anger that was suppressed like a volcano was completely poured out!
Shen Haoting said in a low voice: "Immediately find out for me, who did it, and if you find out who it is, kill
them all!"
Chapter 546
But just after Shen Haoting had said this, Shen Haoting's mobile phone suddenly rang.
When he saw the number, his face suddenly turned grave, because the caller was no other than Shen Tianyang!
Shen Haoting picked up the phone decisively, and then did not wait for the other party to speak. He said
bluntly, "I advise you not to move Wan'er, or I will kill you even if I have to die!"
When Shen Haoting said this, he gritted his teeth, not only because Jiang Wan was being taken away by the
other party at this moment, but also because he remembered the bloody battle that took place in Pingyang
Valley seventeen years ago.
Shen Tianyang on the other end of the phone did not feel angry at his words. At this moment, the other party
already had the biggest bargaining chip in hand, so of course he knew that Shen Haoting was just getting angry
in vain at this moment.
"Ai yo yo. What's wrong with you, Uncle Clan, you're so angry? Wan'er? Who is Wan'er? What's wrong with
Although the matter had come to this, Shen Tianyang was still playing sloppy.
Shen Haoting said, "Shen Tianyang, things have come to this point, there's no need for you and I to hide and
dodge anymore, let's just talk openly and honestly! In fact, we all know it very well, so why don't you be
frank? Taking Wan'er as a hostage is too despicable, isn't it?"
Hearing Shen Haoting's words, Shen Tianyang on the other end of the phone then snorted out a laugh.
"Hahahaha, Uncle Clan is really still so straightforward!" Shen Tianyang said, "Hehe, Clan Uncle calling me
despicable? I'm probably still a bit inferior compared to Clan Uncle, right? Back then, it was agreed that I
would spare your wife and son's life and you would automatically offer Shangdian after fifteen years, but now
seventeen years have passed. I ask the clan uncle where is Shangdian? If I don't take some initiative, I am
afraid that you will never give it to me in your life, Uncle Clan, right?"
Hearing this, Shen Haoting clenched his fist tightly and shouted, "The Shangdian was originally kept by the
clan family, why should I give it to you when you, the overseas Shen family, have overstepped your bounds
and tried to swallow it, and even killed my clan's entire family? Hmph, Shen Tianyang, since we have now
made it clear, I will say it straight, you and your overseas Shen family, you can wash your neck clean, and one
day, when I will be in your presence, I will. Execute your whole family, so that you too can taste the pain of
extermination, in order to console the dozens of ancestral spirits of my Zong family seventeen years ago!"
These words, which Shen Haoting had suppressed for seventeen years, were finally able to be said today.
In the past, he and Shen Tianyang both knew that one day, a duel would break out between the two of them,
but after all, there was still a layer of paper that had not been broken, so both sides were at peace with each
But now that this layer has been broken, there is no need for the two sides to cover up. What comes around has
to come around.
Besides, now that Shang Dian was about to "wake up", Shen Haoting already had the capital and power to take
revenge and avenge himself, so he was no longer afraid of the other side.
Shen Tianyang on the other end of the phone paused. Suddenly he sneered and slowly said, "Good, then I will
wait and see, I would like to see how you kill my whole clan, but you should also remember, clan uncle.
Seventeen years ago, how my overseas Shen family wiped out your entire clan, right? At that time, the clan,
including your father, claimed to have eight great experts, but what happened? Not a single one was left? Only
you are left, do you think you can still make much of a splash?"
Shen Tianyang laughed mockingly and continued, "I advise you. If you still think that your family can meet
again in your lifetime, then hand over the Shangdian, this world is only for the strong to survive, the Zong
family is long gone, if you give me the Shangdian voluntarily, perhaps I can still spare you a horse, if not, then
wait for your wife's corpse! "
Shen Tianyang paused and continued and added, "Oh yes. If I remember correctly, three days later is the day
of sacrifice for your entire clan, right? How about this, if you still want your wife to live. Just bring Shangdian
to Pingyang Valley in three days' time, and we will hand over the person with one hand. Hand over Shangdian
with one hand, and if you don't come after three days, then I promise. You will be shown the most miserable
end of your wife!"
After saying this, the other party hung up the phone decisively.
At this moment, Shen Haoting's fist was almost digging into his flesh.
He was incomparably angry, seventeen years ago today had become a scar in his life that he could not bring
up, and now the other party was even rubbing salt into his wounds ......
"Dad, would you ...... you go and change mum?" Jiang Hao looked at Shen Haoting with a serious face and
Shen Haoting didn't know how to answer this for a while, stammering for half a day before patting Jiang Hao's
shoulder and saying, "Don't worry, if dad said he would bring mum back, he will definitely bring mum back,
and I guarantee that both Shangdian and mum will be fine!"
After he finished speaking, Shen Haoting went down that passage and left straight away.
Jiang Hao looked at his father's back and suddenly felt the helplessness and sorrow of this man at that moment.
Yes, the mother was taken away to blackmail the father, his heart was already incomparably hard, he probably
didn't need to ask the question he just asked ......
Chapter 547
Chu River, Ming Cui Mountain.
It is not far from downtown Chujiang, with beautiful scenery, and used to be a well-known tourist destination
near Chujiang.
Of course. It also had an identity in the past as the location of the Shen clan's ancestral hall.
Ming Cui Mountain is not very high, and at the top of the mountain, there is a not-so-large garden. Inside the
garden is an ancient style hall, in which all the ancestors of the Shen clan family from ancient times are
enshrined in their rows.
Shen Haoting was dressed in plain clothes. He walked into the hall barefoot and looked at the thousands of
rows of ancestors in front of him, with a heavy face.
In the middle of the bottom row of the thousands of rows was his father's spirit tablet.
Shen Haoting walked forward, slowly knelt down, heavily kowtowed three times and murmured, "Father, I'm
The moment he said these words, Shen Haoting seemed to see his parents' voices and smiles again, as if time
had once again returned to more than twenty years ago ......
But all of it. And his fate was completely changed because of the great battle seventeen years ago.
"I will not live long." Shen Haoting sighed and said, "I don't know if I can survive this time, and I don't know
if I can avenge you all or not, but there is only so much I can do!"
As Shen Haoting finished speaking, his gaze once again fell on top of his father's spiritual tablet and he had
already left.
Shen Haoting knew his own body very well, the poisonous nail that Zhang Xiangyu had shot. It had already
inflicted an irredeemable and serious injury on him.
Shen Haoting knew very well that even with the power of Shang Dian, he would be able to delay for some
time at most.
But sooner or later, what was to come was to come. He should have died 17 years ago, and after so many
years, he was about to have his wish fulfilled, so perhaps he should really leave.
On the night Shen Haoting returned to the hotel, just one day short of the previously agreed time between Shen
Tianyang and Shen Haoting. During the night Shen Haoting had already fallen asleep, but Ye Yunjie hurriedly
called him up. And informed Shen Haoting of a particularly important piece of information!
Shangdian, has awakened!
Hearing this news, Shen Haoting's whole body seemed to be refreshed and he looked excited.
He hurriedly asked Ye Yunjie to call Jiang Hao. The three of them then hurriedly drove to the underground
chamber at Cloud Mist Mountain.
When Shen Haoting's group arrived at the underground chamber at Cloud Mist Mountain, they were simply
stunned by the sight before them.
Ye Yunjie looked dumbfounded at the sight before her and exclaimed loudly, "This ...... is what's happening?"
Jiang Hao was also surprised beyond belief, to the point that he was a little afraid to step forward.
Shen Haoting, on the other hand, had a pair of deep eyes. It was simply about to explode with light.
"This ...... is what's going on ah dad?" Shen Haoting wanted to take a step, Jiang Hao hurriedly pulled him
back, then warned.
The reason why Jiang Hao was like this was none other than being stunned by the sight in front of him.
In front of everyone, the underground chamber, which had been neat and tidy before, seemed to have
undergone an earthquake, with countless cracks cracking on the walls of the chamber, and the instruments that
had been placed neatly for research purposes. The instruments that used to be neatly arranged for research had
either fallen to pieces or were malfunctioning and damaged.
The feeling. It was as if the place had gone through a cataclysmic event.
Soon, Ye Yunjie approached one of the people in charge who was present. Questioning what had happened.
The other person also had a distraught look on his face, and had bruises hanging from his body and face.
According to what the man said. Just as Shangdian was about to wake up, they immediately called Ye Yunjie
to inform her, and then Shangdian burst out from the inside with a golden light wrapped in numerous
mysterious inscriptions.
The light seemed to ripple like water, rippling out towards the periphery layer by layer.
Everyone present was astonished by the unparalleled spectacle.
And just as everyone was immersed in the dream-like beauty, suddenly a powerful light erupted from the
canon, followed by a vast force a hundred times more powerful than the golden wave of light that had just
erupted from the canon, which was like a huge wave, directly "bombarding" everything in the room, and many
people were directly knocked out of the room and suffered considerable injuries.
When they recovered, they rushed to send the wounded away and the scene was left in this state.
At this moment, as if it were a calm after a rampage, the canon was still emitting a dream-like golden light,
which pushed out like ripples towards the outermost layer, followed by another layer of "ripples" emanating
from the canon.
And if one looks closely, one can see that there are many unknown runes interspersed with the image.
The waves of light seemed to be able to ignore any obstruction and directly penetrate a person's body.
Shen Haoting was simply stunned by the sight before him.
When he was very young, he had heard the old people of the Zong family tell about the scene when this
Shangdian awoke, but he had never thought that it would end up being so spectacular no matter what.
However, just at this time, Ye Yunjie on the side shouted out as if something had caught in her throat, "Mr.
Shen, look at Jiang Shao ......"
Chapter 548
Shen Haoting froze at his words, then his gaze followed Ye Yunjie's shocked eyes and looked towards Jiang
The moment he saw Jiang Hao, even though Shen Haoting had seen a lot, he was a little surprised and frowned
tightly in disbelief.
"This ...... is what's going on?" Shen Haoting muttered to himself.
And at this time, Jiang Hao, seems to have also found something wrong with himself. He hurriedly looked
down at his own body.
But the moment he gazed down, his entire body was also stunned.
Because Jiang Hao saw that every wave of light emanating from Shangdian passed over everyone, and even
every object, almost as if it had ignored everyone present.
But here was the strange thing. When the image struck Jiang Hao's body, it failed to penetrate, but instead it
seemed to hit something solid. It was scattered, and as if there was some kind of suction force on Jiang Hao's
body, the light wave was actually attracted to Jiang Hao's body.
In no time, Jiang Hao's entire body was wrapped in that wave of light, and his entire body shone with a
brilliant golden light, and within the golden light, there were many inscription symbols shining.
This scene was unheard of and unseen by everyone present, and even Shen Haoting was stunned.
In addition, he hesitated to move, seemingly completely caught in a state of astonishment and unable to
extricate himself.
And Ye Yunjie also covered her mouth and asked in a low voice, "This ...... Jiang Shao will be okay, right?"
Shen Haoting seemed to come back to his senses only then and shook his head, "I don't know ...... but have you
noticed that these characters seem to have thoughts in general. They seem to like Jiang Hao a lot, huh?"
Indeed, those character inscriptions, after hitting Jiang Hao's body, it was as if they had a soul and began to
swim around Jiang Hao's body, slowly.
The golden waves of light also seemed like an energy shield, wrapping Jiang Hao in it, but did not hurt him
even a little.
Shen Haoting did not know what this was all about, but in his heart he could vaguely feel that perhaps this son
of his was a bit different!
Perhaps he really had some kind of marriage with this Shang Dian?
If that was the case, it would be best if Jiang Hao could one day decipher the Shang Dian. It would be even
better if Jiang Hao could one day decipher the information in this Shangdian ......
At this point Jiang Hao was all dumbfounded and shook his head hurriedly: "No ...... nothing, I just feel that
this light wave that surrounds me seems to be a bit hot, I have a feeling of being roasted, but still able to accept
this heat!"
Shen Haoting smiled and continued to ask again, "Then did you feel any changes in your body? For example
...... For example, have you felt that you are full of power? Or have you tried to see if you can use this power?"
Jiang Hao froze for a moment at the question. Immediately, he followed Shen Haoting's instructions and closed
his eyes to sense it.
After a good while, Jiang Hao seemed to really feel a hint of something different in his body. It was as if his
body was wrapped in a huge force, and that force, moreover, was constantly penetrating into his body, a
feeling that made Jiang Hao feel comfortable, as if he was wandering under warm daylight.
Soon. Jiang Hao tried to guide that power, bringing it all together in his own hands.
At that moment, Jiang Hao slowly opened his eyes and discovered that a "ball of light" with a faint glow had
appeared in the palm of his right hand.
The colour of the ball of light was darker than the golden wave of light wrapped around Jiang Hao. But it was
still transparent, and it was spinning continuously, and its speed was much faster than the golden wave of light
that was wrapped around Jiang Hao.
This scene really surprised Jiang Hao, while Shen Haoting at the side was even more wide-eyed.
Perhaps Jiang Hao didn't know what it was, but he was naturally clear that although this tiny ball of light
looked small, it contained a huge amount of energy.
In his lifetime, Shen Haoting had only been able to exert his true qi, but Jiang Hao's move was much stronger
than his own.
It was a move that could only be done by those legendary masters of the late Transformation Realm.
It was hard to believe that this Shangdian's appropriate energy had instantly made his son. He had surpassed
over ninety percent of the martial artists in this world and had directly leapt to the late stage of the Realm of
If this was true, then Shen Haoting simply felt that. Even if he were to die, he would be able to rest in peace!
After all, back in those days, how powerful his own father was. It was only after a lifetime of strength that he
had barely reached the peak stage of the Realm of Transformation.
Whereas his own son had only come into contact with Shang Dian and instantly had the strength of a late stage
of the Realm of Transformation. If he was given ten, twenty or even fifty years, perhaps no one in this world
would be able to compete with him again!
When Shen Haoting thought of this, he was overjoyed. He seemed to see the scene of his Shen clan's reemergence in Jiang Hao's hands ......
But at that moment, the golden air mass in Jiang Hao's hand went up in smoke with a poof!
Chapter 549
"This ......" Shen Haoting and Jiang Hao were both shocked at the sight of this, with a bewildered look on their
And Jiang Hao hurriedly tried again to gather his attention again, trying to bring the ball of light together
again. In the end, it was all in vain.
Jiang Hao looked at Shen Haoting with a dumbfounded expression, only to find that his own father seemed to
be at a loss as to what to do at this point.
After all, when Jiang Hao had just been able to create that golden ball of light, Shen Haoting had already found
it incredible, and now the ball of light had suddenly broken again. He didn't even know why.
However, Shen Haoting speculated in his heart that perhaps this was because Jiang Hao had never come into
contact with true qi before. He was not able to put true qi to good use and lacked experience.
But even so, Shen Haoting was not frustrated, because in his opinion, Jiang Hao was able to show such an
extraordinary performance today, and was able to make the energy in the Shang Dian want to converge on his
body of his own accord, which was already great news.
At the very least, this proves that Jiang Hao is indeed different, and this is just the beginning, given time. As
long as Jiang Hao could use it correctly, he might be able to control the power of Shang Dian with ease and
comfort, and one day, he might be able to become an unearthly great master.
In this regard, Shen Hao Ting was very confident. After all, what had happened to Jiang Hao today was
already the best proof of this.
It seemed that the day of glory for the Shen Clan was not far away!
When Shen Haoting thought of this, he could not help but feel a little more excited in his heart, and
subconsciously he reached out to pat Jiang Hao on the shoulder.
But just as Shen Haoting's fingertips were about to touch the layer of golden light wrapped around Jiang Hao's
body, something happened that caught Shen Haoting off guard.
Only to see the golden wave of light wrapped around Jiang Hao. The colour suddenly deepened, then the flow
of golden characters instantly stopped, then in an instant, all of them surged towards the direction of Shen
Haoting's fingertip at breakneck speed.
This scene really startled Shen Haoting, and before he could react, he felt an immense force rushing towards
With a "bang", Shen Haoting felt as if he had been hit by a huge hammer, and his body was in immense pain.
Then his whole body instantly flew backwards.
At that moment, Shen Haoting instinctively tried to mobilise his true qi to protect his body.
But what caught him off guard was this. He suddenly found that his true qi was suppressed by some force, and
he could not mobilise a single bit of it.
In the end, it was only by virtue of his superior physical qualities that Shen Haoting was able to stabilise
himself and prevent himself from hitting the wall heavily.
But although he was lucky to escape. The doubts in Shen Haoting's mind flourished.
He couldn't understand why he couldn't mobilise his true qi in that moment just now.
This simply made Shen Haoting feel a pang of numbness in his scalp, because as a martial artist. If he could
not use his true qi at the critical moment and could not release it, then the final result might directly lead to his
being killed.
Thinking of this, Shen Haoting could not help but feel a cold wind rising from his back.
He hurriedly tried to mobilize his true qi again ......
This time, however, Shen Haoting finally put his mind at ease. The reason was that he was able to mobilize his
true qi again.
Shen Haoting couldn't help but become more and more puzzled, somewhat unsure of what was going on. Why
was he suddenly unable to use his true qi just now, and then he was able to use it again a moment later?
Just as Shen Haoting was wondering. Jiang Hao saw that he had just nearly injured his father and hurriedly ran
over to him.
And just at the moment Jiang Hao ran. The golden waves of light wrapped around his body faded away as
quickly as if it were mercury, with only the rippling waves of light that kept striking him between his walk and
his movement being swept back in layers of waves.
Jiang Hao took three steps and ran to Shen Haoting and was about to reach out to help him, but Shen Haoting
hastily waved his hand to indicate that there was no need, and there was even a trace of scruple in his eyes.
Obviously, what had just happened had left a big blow to Shen Haoting, and he was even a bit afraid that his
son would come at him again, so wouldn't he have to suffer again then?
Jiang Hao was so embarrassed that he withdrew his hand. He hurriedly shushed him a bit.
But at this time, Shen Haoting's heart was in turmoil and he could not care less about his injuries.
He briefly explained some things to Jiang Hao, and then asked Ye Yunjie to send him back to downtown
On the other hand, Shen Haoting told everyone to leave and stayed here alone.
He was prepared to see just how much power this Shang Dian had and how much he could use.
In fact, over the centuries, the Shen clan had tried many times to use the power of the Shang Dian while it was
awake, and had succeeded in the end, leaving behind a large amount of literature for future generations to refer
For these, Shen Haoting actually studied systematically when he was very young, and it was also because he
knew that he would be able to borrow a great deal of help from Shang Dian in the end that he chose to hold
back for so long ......
Chapter 550
In the empty underground chamber, Shen Haoting faced Shang Dian, who was still emitting golden waves of
light, alone, his gaze full of anticipation.
After a few moments, he slowly extended a hand towards Shang Dian, stopping at a distance of a dozen
centimetres from him, and then he mobilised his body's true qi. It slowly gathered in the palm of his hand and
was gradually directed towards Shang Dian.
The moment Shen Haoting's true qi was released and came into contact with Shangdian, Shangdian suddenly
glowed brightly, and the waves of light it continuously emitted stopped abruptly and were replaced by a
gradually stronger light. It was replaced by a light that gradually grew stronger.
That light soon went from dazzling to a level that made people somewhat unable to open their eyes, not daring
to look directly at its light.
Shen Haoting squinted his eyes and could not help but feel a sense of strain coming from his hands. The
energy contained in the Shangdian was pulling at him as if it were a huge stone, and it was only with great
effort that he was able to withstand the pulling sensation.
Soon, when the Shangdian was shining as brightly as the sun, Shen Haoting suddenly felt the pulling sensation
in his hand diminish, and he could clearly feel that a force had been transmitted from the Shangdian into his
body along with his True Qi output.
The feeling made Shen Haoting's body feel smooth, as if it was warmed by the sun, making his body relaxed,
and it was as if there was a power building up in his body ......
But soon, Shen Haoting felt that something was wrong, as the power continued to flood his body. He
obviously felt a bit overwhelmed, his body was so full of true qi that it was unbearable.
In barely a moment, Shen Haoting couldn't take it anymore, as if his body was about to burst.
Shen Haoting gritted his teeth and hurriedly withdrew his hand just as he was about to reach the critical point
where he could not bear it anymore.
Instantly, Shangdian's light steeply dimmed dozens of times and returned to its previous form.
And Shen Haoting's retracted hand was thrown to the side in a smooth motion, and the suppressed true qi in his
body fiercely followed its palm, coalescing into a golden wave of light that erupted.
"With a buzzing ...... sound, a golden light shot out from Shen Haoting's palm, cutting out a dazzling light and
smashing straight into the wall five meters away from him.
There was a loud boom, as if the whole chamber trembled. After the wave of light from Shen Haoting's hand,
the concrete wall was smashed into a hole three or four metres in diameter, and the whole wall was completely
The ground shook instantly, and smoke and dust flew up in all directions.
This scene, simply Shen Haoting were stunned.
"Is this ...... this the power of Shang Dian?" Shen Haoting frowned and muttered, somewhat unable to believe
what was happening before his eyes.
After all, this level of destructive power was really out of Shen Haoting's expectation.
He really couldn't believe that this was the power he had exploded with, and to put it nicely, this kind of
energy was simply on par with the destructive power of a heavy bomb. You know, that was a concrete wall,
and it was still able to push out a four-metre diameter hole. If this were the usual land, I'm afraid it would have
made a huge crater of more than 10 metres, which would have shattered the bones of anyone in an instant.
And even a strong person with extraordinary strength would probably not be able to withstand such a blow!
Shen Haoting couldn't help but be overjoyed, he was still full of a trace of doubt about Shang Dian's power.
But with the current situation. Shen Haoting could finally put his mind at ease.
He knew very well that if he had this kind of power, not to mention one overseas Shen family, even if it was
the 36 Shen families that had combined with the overseas Shen family to trick the Zong family back then, they
would not necessarily be his opponents.
The great revenge will finally be avenged!
The three-day appointment. It would soon be here.
Ping Yang Valley was located in the mountains thirty kilometres south of downtown Chu Jiang.
It belonged to the end of a mountain range, so the peaks were crisscrossed, but not too high up.
The Ping Yang Valley is located in the middle of a gorge between two mountain ranges.
The terrain is relatively flat, three miles to the left and right and a dozen miles long, and it is off the beaten
The weather is slightly cooler, and the leaves are gradually falling from the mountains.
Occasionally an autumn breeze passes by and the treetops shake slightly, the leaves falling like snow.
On top of the fallen leaves, a group of people were moving slowly towards the hinterland of the Ping Yang
There were two or three hundred people in this group. They were all in black suits, and at the front of the
group, leading the way, were three people.
Shen Haoting walked in the middle. Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie were on either side.
In Jiang Hao's hand, he was holding a lacquer box, which was not large. Inside it was Shang Dian.
The group soon reached the widest part of the canyon and gradually stopped their pace.
Almost at the same time, on the other side of the canyon. On the other side of the gorge, a much larger group
of people came slowly over.
This group of 600 to 700 people were also dressed in suits, but the colour was white, as if to distinguish them
from Shen Haoting's side, but in fact, in the overseas Shen family, white has always been the colour of honour.
In front of the group of people was Shen Tianyang, who was leaning on a golden dragon head cane, and when
he saw Shen Haoting from afar, a fierce smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.