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Chapter 8 Device Packaging

Chapter 8
IC Packaging
The following notes is taken from the CERN: PH ESE Seminar : Device packaging
A slight modification has been done.
(System On Chips)
(System In Package)
(System On Package)
• Passives is a types of electronic component which can only received an energy and stored in EM
field. It doesn’t required electricity to initiated the operation. Eg: RCL
Flip Chip Mounting Technology
• It is a methods a method for interconnecting dies such as semiconductor devices, IC chips, integrated passive devices and
microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), to external circuitry with solder bumps that have been deposited onto the chip
pads .
• Process:
• Integrated circuits are created on the wafer.
• Pads are metallized on the surface of the chips.
• A solder ball is deposited on each of the pads, in a process called wafer bumping
• Chips are cut.
• Chips are flipped and positioned so that the solder balls are facing the connectors on the external circuitry.
• Solder balls are then remelted (typically using hot air reflow).
• Mounted chip is “underfilled” using a (capillary, shown here) electrically-insulating adhesive
: Solution for thermal expansion in cover packaging
Pin Grid Array
Ball Grid Array