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Technical Consultant (Principal Implementer)

07/02/2022, 23:11
BrightSpyre | Technical Consultant (Principal Implementer)
Technical Consultant (Principal Implementer)
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Posted date
7th February, 2022
10 years
Last date to apply
16th February, 2022
07/02/2022, 23:11
BrightSpyre | Technical Consultant (Principal Implementer)
The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), is an independent, neutral organization
ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance. It acts in response to emergencies and at the
same time promotes respect for international humanitarian law.
Under the framework of the global Health Care in Danger (HCiD) Initiative, the ICRC is engaged
in efforts aimed at addressing the issue of violence against health workers, patients, healthcare
facilities, and vehicles, for ensuring safe access to and delivery of health care.
Background Information:
The ICRC requires a relevant technical consultant (Principal Implementer) to provide technical
guidance to HCiD activities in Peshawar.
Duration of Contract: Date of signature to 15 December 2022
Position Title: Principal Implementer (Peshawar based)
The consultant will be responsible for implementing the recommendations stemming from the
research on violence against health care carried out by the ICRC and its partners.
Duties & Responsibilities
Work together with HCiD Project Responsible in Peshawar and other consultants for the
development of a strategy for implementing the recommendations.
Serve as the Implementer of the interventions recommended by the HCiD research studies
conducted in Pakistan and outlined in any agreement which involves KMU as a partner for
the HCiD Initiative.
Act as the consultant on the production of a detailed action plan for the implementation of
the aforesaid interventions
Be responsible for the implementation of activities agreed upon in MoU between the ICRC
and KMU, Peshawar.
Together with other consultants and in consultation with the ICRC act as a representative of
the Project towards stakeholders and the public in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Guide the functioning of the healthcare system and the government in KP and act as a door
opener in contacts with authorities.
Act as a resource person on the dynamics of violence against health care in Peshawar
assuring dissemination of knowledge among and common understanding by other
participants in the Project.
Write a report summarizing the achievements during the implementation of the
Advise the ICRC and its partners in Peshawar and elsewhere in Pakistan on assessment
and measurement methodologies to counter violence against healthcare.
The consultant will also be responsible for wider engagement with concerned stakeholders.
Design specific methodologies for the implementation of the interventions under the project.
Design and lead the implementation of specific methodologies for the measurement of the
impact of the project.
07/02/2022, 23:11
BrightSpyre | Technical Consultant (Principal Implementer)
Oversee the financial management of the budget for the implementation of the interventions
as per the MoU and other agreements involving KMU as a partner for the HCiD Initiative.
Contribute to dissemination efforts on the findings of the research on violence against
healthcare and the interventions developed by writing and publication of academic papers
and participating in academic and other relevant conferences.
Together with the ICRC and Health Department, contribute towards the dissemination of the
“The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Healthcare Service Providers and Facilities (Prevention of
Violence and Damage to Property) Act, 2020”.
Together with KMU, contribute towards meetings of the Community of Concern and its
Working Group.
Hold an M.B.B.S degree (essential) with a strong background in teaching public health at
post-graduate level, preferably Professor of Public Health in a public medical university;
Hold a Ph.D. in Public Health (essential), preferably from an internationally recognized
Have working relations with health regulatory bodies including the KP Department of Health
Have a strong network of contacts among health care and other relevant authorities for
influencing policies and broadening the scale of interventions (desirable).
Hold vast academic, research, and administrative experience in the field of Health Sciences
and has publications (citations required). Experience in research on violence against health
care is mandatory.
Have experience in designing tools for the protection of health care against violence
Have strong working relations with IPHSS (Institute of Public Health and Social Sciences)
to oversee the implementation of activities in the MoU between the ICRC and KMU
Apply By:
Cover Letter, CV with financial proposal to be send to isl_log_services@icrc.org
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