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No. 31/2018
Potentially damage factors in medicine
Hulin I., Steno J
No. 65/2018
Selenium and its compounds in Oncology – Prostate Cancer
A. Raganová, I.M. Tomo, M. Melník, A. Kurtanský, D. Böhmer, V. Kristová
No. 222/2018
Papillary fibroelastoma of the mitral valve in a patient with recurrent syncope
Dubrava J, Fiala P
No. 403/2018
Oxidative stress in Alzheimer disease as a target for therapy, a review
M Pohanka
No. 415/2018
Humoral predictors of ankle-brachial index in patients with peripheral arterial disease and
Vaľková M, Lazúrová I, Petrášová D, Frankovičová M, Dravecká I
No. 434/2018
Predictive factors for pacemaker requirement after transcatheter aortic valve
implantation: single center experience
Bacik P, Poliacikova P, Kaliska G
No. 517/2018
Biodegradable versus titanium plates and screws for pediatric facial skeleton fractures
Janickova M, Statelova D, Mikuskova K, Jesenak M, Malachovsky I
No. 566/2018
Derivation of Neural phenotype from Human dental pulp stem cells using Neurosphere
Bojnordi MN, Haratizadeh S, Darabi S, Hamidabadi HG
No. 567/2018
The correlation between the DMFT of the 12-year-old children and the concentration of
fluorine in drinking water from the Vardar region of the Republic of Macedonia
Ambarkova V
No. 568/2018
Interaction between pancreatic fluid and three different hemostatic agents: an in-vitro
Oter V, Karaman K, Bal A, Aziret M, Ercan M, Bostanci EB
No. 569/2018
Evaluation of ADMA, eNOS and NO as a Risk Factor for Early-Onset Ischemic Stroke
Cases in East of Turkey
Bengu AS, Keles MS
No. 570/2018
The effects of different depths of anesthesia on postoperative cognitive functions in thoracic
Dogan Bakı E, Öz G, Cetin Akıcı O, Koca HB, Arıcan H, Sıvacı R
No. 571/2018
Suppurative gastritis by Enterococcus spp. in a human immunodeficiency virus patient
Damjanov D, Preveden T, Brkić S, Maric D, Arena V, Abenavoli L
No. 572/2018
Treadmill exercise training improves the high fat diet-induced depression-like and anxietylike behavior and sexual dysfunction in the male rats
Kacar E, Ercan Z, Bulmus O, Serhatlioglu I, Ozcan M, Canpolat S, Atmaca M, Ayar A,
Kelestimur H
No. 574/2018
Research on Mechanism of Dedu Seven-Ingredient Pill with Safflower in Resisting Cancer
Bao LD, Ma RL,, Li S, Bo A
No. 575/2018
Production and evaluation of polyclonal antibody against influenza A virus matrix 2
conserved protein for research and diagnosis purposes
Zamani S, Fotouhi Chahouki F, Mehrbod P, Sadeghi Neshat S, Farahmand B
No. 576/2018
Functional Results after the Larynx Preserving Treatment of Laryngeal Cancer;
suggestions for the follow- up
Vlckova K, Tedla M
No. 577/2018
Plateletcrit; a possible biomarker of inflammation in Hepatitis A
Coşkun ME, Alidris A, Temel MT, Akbayram S, Hizli S
No. 578/2018
Association of endometriosis risk and genetic polymorphisms among women of Eastern
Gaľová J, Pitoňák J, Bernasovská J, Dragunová Z, Biroš Hronská D, Klobušovská I, Škovranová
K, Boroňová I, Mačeková S, Midová Z
No. 579/2018
Transthoracic approach to hydatid cysts in the dome of the liver
Tokat AO, Cavusoglu T, Karasu S, Barlas AM, Kotanoglu M, Kismet K
No. 580/2018
Diagnosis and treatment status and strategy research of rural common diseases in Hebei
Huang XT, Tang XQ, Wu XL, Jiang GY, Jing C, Zhang Y, Wang CY, Xue J, Ni GL, Kong FZ
No. 581/2018
Lymph nodes ratio is valuable prognostic factor in patients with gastrectomy harvested
more than 15 lymph nodes
Berkesoglu M, Caglar R, Olmez A, Canbaz H, Tasdelen B, Dirlik MM, Kara T
No. 582/2018
MicroRNA-148a regulates inflammation in microglia induced by oxygen-glucose
deprivation via MAPK pathways
Wang ZF, Li LP, Cui YX
No. 583/2018
Incidence of Recurrent Nerve Paresis and Hypocalcemia after Total Thyroidectomy - A
Retrospective Analysis
Lukáš J, Krátký J, Lukáš D, Kuderjavý T, Hintnausová B, Drábek J, Syrůček M
No. 584/2018
Opinions and influential factors of colorectal cancer screening among adults aged 40–70: a
cross-sectional study
N. Gede, D. Reményi Kiss, I. Kiss
No. 585/2018
Evaluation of the effects of dexmedetomidine and remifentanil on pain with analgesia
nociceptive index in perioperative period
Gazi M, Abitağaoğlu S, Turan G, Akgün FN, Arı DE
No. 586/2018
Acute gastric obstruction due to popcorn bezoar
Köklü S
No. 587/2018
Sodium Hypochloride (NaOCl) as Irrigation Solution to Prevent Infection: An In-vivo
Experimental Study in Rats
Aytekin K, Duman A, Aytekin FY, Akdeniz E,Takir S, Esenyel CZ
No. 588/2018
Effect of Carvacrol on IL-6/STAT3 Pathway After Partial Hepatectomy in Rat Liver
Durmuş Özen B, Uyanoğlu M
No. 589/2018
Intraarticular injection of hydrogen sulphide decreased the progression of gonarthrosis.
Aytekin K, Erişgin Z, Erhan SS, Esenyel CZ, Takır S
No. 590/2018
Unroofing and curretage is a simple and effective treatment method in patients with
pilonidal sinus disease
Kaya B, Fersahoglu M, Ergin A
No. 591/2018
Screening of extracellular anticancer enzymes produced by isolated halophilic and
halotolerant bacteria
Zolfaghar M, Amoozegar MA, Khajeh K, Babavalian H, Tebyanian H, Mirhosseiny SH
No. 592/2018
Maternal satisfaction in the early period after birth
Akcay Yaldir I, Coban A
No. 593/2018
Investigation of BK-JC Polyomavirus presence in infertile male patients
Taşbent FE, Özdemir M, Taşkapu HH, Feyzioğlu B
No. 594/2018
Revisiting conventional diagnosis for pulmonary tuberculosis versus latest modalities for
resource scarce settings
Zahra F, Ikram A, Zaman G, Satti L, Lalani F, Khan M
No. 595/2018
Effect of propofol on human cholangiocarcinoma and the related mechanism
Zhang Z, Zang MC, Wang S, Wang CL
No. 596/2018
Simultaneous umbilical hernia repairs in cholecystectomies
Kirdak T, Tasar P, Uysal E, Dundar HZ, Kaya E, Korun N
No. 597/2018
Evaluation of two new anthropometric indices (a body shape index and body roundness
index) in obese individuals
Solak I, Guney I, Cihan FG, Mercan S, Eryılmaz MA
No. 598/2018
Endoscopic removal technique for gastric phytobezoars: a case presentation
Ertugrul G
No. 599/2018
Unexpected diagnosis of a diffuse hepatocellular carcinoma after living donor liver
transplantation: a case report
Ertugrul G
No. 600/2018
A Rare Indication for the Treatment of Noncirrhotic Portal Hypertension Using a Distal
Splenorenal Shunt in Celiac Disease: Case Report
Ertugrul G, Yaprak O, Dayangac M
No. 601/2018
The expression of cell cycle regulatory proteins - cyclin D1 and p57 in patients with renal
cell carcinoma
Latić D, Pejić S, Savić S, Lončar Z, Nikolić IM, Nikolić G, Pavlović I, Radojević Škodrić S
No. 602/2018
Comparison of surgical technique and results for emergency or elective femoral hernia
Kunduz E, Sormaz IC, Yapalak Y, Avtan L
No. 603/2018
Preoperative skeletal traction versus femoral shortening osteotomy in developmental
dysplasia of hip patients older than 18 months
Tiryaki F, Duman S, Misir A, Karahan N, Karslı B, Arpacıoğlu O
No. 604/2018
Determination of candidate genes involved in schizophrenia using whole-exome sequencing
Şenormancı O, Çelik SK, Valipour E, Doğan V, Şenormancı G
No. 605/2018
Changing trends in otorhinolaryngology publishing
Kazikdas KC, Tanik M, Ural A
No. 606/2018
Coexistence of lower extremity varices and stress urinary incontince in women
Dursun M, Ozbek E, Otunctemur A, Besiroglu H, Yasar T
No. 607/2018
Breast Implant Rupture: Topic Review and Sport Trauma Report
Krajcova A, Hurt K, Kufa R, Molitor M
No. 608/2018
Neuroprotective effects of lacosamide in experimental traumatic spinal cord injury in rats
Demiroz S, Ur K, Bengu AS, Ulucan A, Oz Gergin O, Demiralin Ur F, Erdem S
No. 609/2018
Effects of vinorelbineon cell proliferation of HELA cell culture
Çetin I, Kolusayin Ozar MO, Topçul M
No. 610/2018
The depression and hopelessness levels of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases
Doğan B, Koç A
No. 611/2018
Possible action of Spirulina platensis on serum markers of fatty liver, performance metrics
and organ weights in rats fed with hydrogenated vegetable oil and/or cholesterol
Bilal T, Altiner A
No. 612/2018
The effect of vagotomy on small bowel anastomotic healing in rats
Oner MO, Tasdöven I, Bartın MK, Tascılar O
No. 613/2018
miRNA-21 improve myocardial damage induced by Ischemia-reperfusion by regulation
Li J, Kang NX, Zhou Q, Chen YQ, Wang DJ
No. 614/2018
Salidroside protected against MPP(+)-Induced Parkinson’s Disease in PC12 cells via
inhibiting Inflammatory and Oxidative stress by regulation of Apoptosis
Zhou F, Ju J, Fang YJ, Fan XX, Wei PF, Duan FL, Luo XZ, Miao F, Hu ZY, Wang MD
No. 615/2018
Thiol compounds suppress caspase-3 following radiation-induced intestinal toxicity.
Kurtul N, Bahar AY, Tolun FI
No. 616/2018
Effects of sociodemographic features and accompanying systemic diseases on urinary
Cimen S
No. 617/2018
Alteration of respiratory and hemodynamic parameters following fiberoptic intubation:
our practice in the early stages of learning curve
Yılmaz G, Aydın N, Esen O
No. 618/2018
Comparison of platelet-rich plasma with mesenchymal stem cell on skin wound healing
Aydın O, Karaca G, Pehlivanlı F, Altunkaya C, Uzun H, Özden H, Aydın G, Şahiner İT, Niyaz
M, Güler O
No. 619/2018
The Diagnostic Value of the Serum Irisin Level in Patients with Acute Pericarditis and
Acute Myopericarditis: A Preliminary Study
Gunaydin M, Ozer V, Kalkan A, Ozer S, Sahin A, Sahin M, Karahan SC, Dogramaci S, Tatli O,
Gunduz A
No. 620/2018
Protective effects of Tribulus terrestris, Avena sativa, and white ginseng powder on bone
mineral density in hypercholesterolemic rats
Akdoğan M, İlçe HT, Bilgili A, Hanedan B
No. 621/2018
Effects of pregabaline on kidney tissue in spinal cord ischemia reperfusion injured rats
Ceran EU, Inan N, Kucuk A, Ozer A, Dursun AD, Tosun M, Arslan M
No. 622/2018
Axillary metastasis in clinically node-negative breast cancer
Üreyen O, Çavdar DK, Adıbelli ZH, İlhan E
No. 623/2018
8-oxoguanosine in urine is a novel biomarker for Helicobacter pylori infection
Liu X, Pang J, Luo QF, Cai JP
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