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Gr 7 Practice Questions The Listeners

Gr 7 Literature – Practice Questions
The Listeners by Walter de la Mare
Direct Questions
1. How would you describe the setting? Use words from the poem to support your
answer. (2)
2. What time of day is it? How do we know? (1)
3. True or False – The listeners are just behind the door. Give reasons from the poem to
justify your response. (2)
4. Why is the Traveler “perplexed”? (2)
5. In line 21, what does the Traveler feel in his heart? Why? (2)
6. True or False – The traveller left quickly. Justify your response with reference to the
poem. (2)
7. Describe the changes in the mood of the traveller through the poem. (3)
Inferential Questions
8. How does the poet create a spooky and mysterious atmosphere in the poem? (3)
9. How does the poet develop the theme of the supernatural in the poem? (3)
10. How does the poet develop the theme of loneliness in the poem? (3)