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Wages for Dummies

As of July 1, Wages will actually be deducted for duplicate
posts and scrutiny avoiding measures like #Rubicked. Each
week, Chief Wages Officer George Elias will tally up which
members have incurred penalties and the total will be
All wages will then need to be paid by no later than Saturday
December 7, 2014 ahead of the Football Shit Talk Annual Xmas
Banters Bonanza.
All funds raised will go towards alcohol or midgets for our
The penalties are as follows:
Wages - $1
Salary - $2
Super - $3
Rubicked- $5
Eliased- $5
Where a post is duplicated
The third time something has been posted
Fourth time something has been posted
$4 Fifth time and beyond something has been
Deleting a wages to avoid penalties
Waging a Rubicked
As new members may be confused by the system, a one-week
grace period will be granted when they join FST.
If anyone re-joins FST after a period of absence, they will
immediately be subject to the policy.
The Regime
Wages for Dummies
I just posted something in Football Shit Talk and
someone commented “wages.” What does this mean?
You received a wages comment because you have posted a
duplicate or very similar post as to one that was previously
But why is it called “wages?”
The concept traces its origins back to the Maltese Football
Forum which was the inspiration for our dear leaders to form
Football Shit Talk. It is said that wages is a reference to
deducting players wages on Football Manager for poor
performance or behaviour.
Does it mean that I actually have to give up my wages?
At this stage, no. However due to serial abusers of the wages
policy, new penalties are being considered.
OK, now they are comment salary on my posts. What
does that mean?
If they’re commenting salary, it’s because you’ve repeated a
post that has already been posted twice before. It means that
you are either a new, aloof or distant member of FST – or just
a lazy prick.
What if I feel like I’ve been incorrectly waged?
Clarification can be sought by tagging one of the leaders, Alex
Cauchi or Benjamin Godfrey Cauchi. Clarification may also be
sought from Chief Wages Officer George Elias or Chief Enforcer
Josip Perica.
What the fuck is Rubicked?
That’s when someone is caught deleting a waged post to avoid
scrutiny and penalties. A truly horrendous offence.
What if it’s a hot topic that has already been mentioned
before? Can I make a new post or should I comment on
the original post?
If your post is bringing significantly new information to the
group then it is OK. What isn’t OK is when you’re regurgitating
information that has already been previously posted.