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Modernism has brought up many changes in everything such as education, culture, lifestyle and
many more. What matters here is how we are facing the changes and how we reacted towards
the changes. So to highlight about modernism and its changes, we chose P.Ramlee’s movie
which is Masam Masam Manis. The movie has highlighted some important parts in modernism
and how we should react towards it.
Modernism is a philosophical motion that, along with cultural tendencies and alterations, arose
from wide-scale and far-reaching transmutations in Western society in the late 19th and early
twentieth centuries. Among the factors that shaped Modernism was the development of modern
industrial societies and the rapid growing of metropolis, followed so by the horror of World War I.
Modernism besides rejected the certainty of enlightenment thought, and many modernists
rejected spiritual belief.
In the aftermath of societal alteration, people become cognizant of the demand for educational
advancement. The alterations caused by the political turbulence, industrialization, technological
advancement and spiritual reform motions of course demands more instruction in order to keep
societal equilibrium. In India the registration in educational establishments has increased
tremendously since independency. We can sum up the following relationship between instruction
and societal alteration in the undermentioned manner.
So the conclusion is,education initiates the societal alteration and gives them way and intent.
Education creates the societal reformists and leaders who consciously make all the attempts to
convey about societal alterations. Education prepares the person for societal alterations. It brings
a alteration in the demand – temperaments and besides creates defeats with the position quo.
Education determines the nature of societal alterations, which ought to be brought approximately.