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Role of the Youth in Nation Building (Essay)

Kent John S. Dico
Role of Youth in Nation Building
The youth represent the country in the same way that students represent an
institution. They have the potential to help nations develop because they are the future.
Because youth are creative, intelligent, innovative, empathetic, and fearless, a country
devoid of it is dull, monotonous, stagnant, and illiterate.
The youth are born with a creative and intelligent mind. Creativity broadens
people's perspectives, allowing them to see the world in new ways. Intelligence gives the
youth the capacity to think and constantly learn concepts as they grow. They can come
up with a list of fresh ideas that will benefit society, whether in the fields of science,
technology, agriculture, politics, economics, or finance. Hence, these new concepts can
lead to innovation. Innovation creates jobs, which lowers the country's unemployment
rate. It also increases productivity, which helps the country's economy. As a result, more
services and goods are available.
The youth are also naturally empathic. Empathy is the ability to understand and
respond to the feelings of others. It is essential for social understanding and may even
serve as a catalyst for change. When youth can empathize with citizens' experiences,
they can become the voice that speaks for them. Because youth are fearless, they can
volunteer to speak out on important issues and suggest ideas or policies to the
government that may respond to the people's call.
The youth are crucial to the country's success and development. Because young
people make up most of the the country's population, they must be well-cared for they
are our tomorrow.