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Exam 3 N121

FX of 2<sup>nd </sup>Gen schizo meds <!--StartFragment-->• <!-- -->Constipation<!-- --> • <!-- -->Dry mouth<!-- --> • <!-- -->Blurred vision<!-- --> • <!-- -->Urinary hypotension<!-- --> • <!-- -->Wight gain(with clozapine & olanzapine)<!-- --> • <!-- -->Orthostatic hypotension<!-- --> • <!-- -->Sedation<!-- --> • <!-- -->New onset of diabetes<!-- --> • <!-- -->Cardiac arrhythmias- prolonged QTc interval (with Geodon)<!-- --> • <!-- -->Agranulocytosis (with Clozapine) it should be used only when no other 2<!-- -->nd<!-- --> generation is effective.<!--EndFragment-->
FX of 1st gen meds schizo<!--StartFragment-->Extrapyramidal side effectsParkinsonism; anticholinergic effectsDystonic reactionsAkathisiaTardive dyskinesia, tardive dystonia, tardive akathisia<!--EndFragment-->
How do you tx epsRemeber CABI<br>Cogentin(anti cholinergic) <br>Artane (Anti Cholinergic)<br>Benadryl (Anti Cholinergic)<br>Inderal (Beta blocker)
EPSExtrapyramidal FX occurs when with most first gen schizo meds if not treat will develop into TD
What is the differene between illusion and psychosis?Illusion are a misperception of external stimulus and in psychosis there is not external stimulus. 
What is this an example of? You <!--StartFragment-->Open the door it is dark, you think there is a ghost on the couch there is nothing there.<!--EndFragment-->Psychosis
What is this an example of? <!--StartFragment-->You think there is a ghost on the couch you turn on the light your wife is there.<!--EndFragment-->Illusion 
postive symptoms of schizophernia <!--StartFragment-->Disordered thoughts, delusins, and Hallucinations <!--EndFragment-->
Negative symptoms of schizoFlatten affect, Alogia(speak very little), Avoltion(lack of motivation for work), Anhedonia( inability to find enjoyment in pleasurable activitys like sex)
Characteristics of OCPD preoccupation with control, inabilty to delay rewards, Strict attention to rules, Difficulty with decision making, realtionships primaily forma and polite 
What is the difference between OCD and OCPDOCD has both obessions and compulsions related to anixety to one issue. OCPD does not have either instead they exhibt a paterren or perfectionism and mental or interpersonal control
avoidant personality desire intimacy but fear it 
Why should a pt notify the physican if they develop a skin rash while taking lamotrigine It makes sure the rash is not stevens- johnson syndrome. 
What are the differences between anorexia and bulimia Pt with anorexia has a severe nutritional deficences. Bulimia throw up<br>
How is electrolyte imbalance a complication of bulimia nervosa?Throwing up makes you dehydrated and have less elctrolytes
When a pt throws up why are they in a state of metabolic alkalosisThe contents of the stomach are acidic. So when you throw up you remove the acid so the balance shift to the alkolosis side. <br>
Why is it when a pt takes a laxative are they in a metabolic acidosis state? Abusing laxaative whch <!--StartFragment--><div><div>In dRTA, the urinary sodium-to-chloride ratio is typically close to 1, whereas laxative abuse will reduce this ratio due to volume depletion (lower urinary sodium excretion) and metabolic acidosis (<b>higher urinary chloride excretion</b>).</div></div><div><div><div><br><!--EndFragment--></div></div></div>
Lithium pt educationmaintain the amount of salt you ate before taking this. THis is because a change of salts can throw off the effectiveness of Li with is a salt. <br>Increase fluid since you are adding more salt into diet and<br> no more Caffiene 
Why is Librium used for alcohol detox and why is it a last resort "<!--StartFragment--><span style=""color: rgb(16, 16, 16);"">The action of Librium on the brain to produce the GABA neurotransmitter assists with regulating anxiety and panic symptoms, controls confused thinking, and can even stimulate appetite. IT can be habit forming</span><!--EndFragment-->"
How long does alcohol withdrawl last within 48-96 hours 
what are the signs and sympoms of benzo withdrawl
Why can you not take antabuse and alcohol together antabuse prevents the breakdown of alcohol so there would be a bad reaction then <br>
What is used to determine if a pt has a drining problem CAGE<br>Cut<br>A nnoyed <br>Guilt<br>Eye opener
What is the difference between auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, and delusions? Hallucinations are based on senosry perception and delusions are based on false belief. Hallucinations are experience based so you expereince hearing and seeing but in delusion you believe that you are famous in hallucination you have a voice telling you you ar efamous<br>
What type of effects does first gen give Postive <br>
What test do you look at for Clozapine WBC and ANC look at it weekly because this drug can decrease it and you dont want that if it does you have to start all over again. <br>
2nd gen schizo med pneumonic 4 pine 5 dones 2 pips 1 Rip<br><br>You start at the bottom at rip and work up to treat if one fails you can mix with another group med<br>
What are the 4 pines Clozapine(Clozaril), Olanzapine, Quetiapine, Asena
5 donesRisperidone <br>paliperidone Ziprasidoen Iloperidone Lurasidone<br>
2 pipsaripiprazole Brexipiprazole
1 ripCariprazine
Why does first gen have more Fxit binds very tightly to the D2 blocking all dopamine which leads to alot of side effects