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In your introduction you always want to get the reader interested in your article. Your goal is to make
the reader want to continue. There are a couple of things for you to remember when you start writing:
1. Give your article a title.
2. Start with a personalised question.
3. Include the topic and give your opinion or comment on it.
The most useful thing I’ve ever learned
Have you ever learned something that completely changed your life? I can remember exactly how it was
for me when I got interested in learning English and who helped me become the person I am today.
Topic points
Stick to the topic and don’t write about unrelated things.
Support your answers with some examples and/or reasons.
Use neutral to informal language
Use other language to make your article sound more interesting (adjectives/adverbs, idioms,
phrasal verbs, linking words).
I had always been in love with English music and I put in some work by myself, but only when I ended up
in the English class of Mr. Weiss I got completely hooked. His amazing teaching style struck a chord and
my skills skyrocketed in no time.
Feeling confident, I took the leap and moved to beautiful Australia where I was able to travel and even
call it home for over seven years. And you know what?! I became an English teacher and now help
people who are just like I used to be with the same passion as Mr. Weiss.
Closing paragraph / Conclusion
1. Summarise what you wrote in your article.
2. Comment on the topic or give your opinion one last time.
3. End your article in an interesting way.
I really think that I wouldn’t be teaching English if it hadn’t been for Mr. Weiss and his inspirational
lessons. So, looking back, I hope my experience inspires others to find ways to help the people around
them as well.