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[Verse 1: Haechan]
Oh maybe, maybe
이건 사랑일지도 몰라
이미 내 눈에는 너만 보여 난
아직 아닐 거라 겁을 먹어도
Oh, 내게도 온 것 같아
[Verse 2: Mark, Renjun]
책에 적힌 글자들이 현실이 돼
가슴이 곧 터져 버릴 것 같아
Oh, 아냐 어떤 말로도 설명할 수 없어
그래 나에겐 너뿐이야 (Woo)
[Chorus: All, Chenle]
내가 어디 있어도 꿈속에서도
Oh, 나에겐 너뿐이야
남은 인생을 걸고 말할게
두 번은 없어 넌 나의 마지막
[Verse 3: Mark]
Let's talk about love
Let me talk about love
Yeah, I'm talking about you
Yeah, I'm talking about you
다 내게 말해
기회는 더 있다고
아냐 내겐 너뿐
Tell me 'bout your dreaming
I believe I was there too
I could sense your breathing
Lying in a different room
[Verse 2: Jeno, Jaemin, Renjun, Haechan]
'Cause lights of the universe (Yeah, yeah)
Always there to observe, you shimmer
Your inner compass is taking you there (Take you there)
I'll be your beacon, illuminate while you on your way
Girl, I've been there too (Been there too)
[Pre-Chorus: Renjun, Jisung, Chenle, Haechan]
Don't be afraid tonight, 'fraid tonight (Oh, yeah)
Just know you'll never be lonely
I know it's hard sometimes to see the light (See the light)
But you and I keep on dreaming (Come on)
[Chorus: All, Haechan]
We gon' light it up
Light it up now, darling
We can make the stars align
We gon' light it up
Light it up, now we sparkling
Brighter than the fireflies (Fireflies)