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Personality – Types – Factors
Affecting Personality – Perception
– Importance – Factors influencing
Perception – Learning - Types of
Learning Styles – The Learning
Personality: Definition and Characteristics
The word "personality" originates from the Latin
persona, which means 'mask'.
Personality refers to the set of traits & behaviors
that characterize an individual.
It refers to the relatively stable pattern of
behavior & consistent internal state & explains
an individual’s behavioral tendencies.
Personality: Definition and Characteristics
Personality is both internal & external
internal (thoughts, values & genetic
characteristics that is inferred from observable
behaviors) &
external (observable behaviors) elements.
Personality is both inherited as well as it can be
shaped by the environment.
Personality: Definition and Characteristics
Personality can be defined as "The sum total of
ways in which an individual reacts and interacts
with others."
Personality is relatively stable set of
characteristics that influences an individual’s
Personality: Definition and Characteristics
• Dynamic: ever changing
• Psychophysical
• Subjective Phenomenon
• Organized and integrated
• Unique: specific features in every individual
• Adjustment to environment
• Self conscious.
• Only for human being Social: develop through
social interaction
Personality: Need and Importance
“People are different”-Law of behaviour
• To ensure high performing employees in an
• To manage workforce diversity.
• Summarizing person’s behaviors & attitudes in
relation to a wide range of events.
• How people are likely to behave in a given situation.
• Predicting & understanding the general feelings,
thoughts and behaviors of individuals at the workplace.
Personality: Determinants or factors
• Heredity
• Environment
• Situation
• Culture
• Family and social background
Personality: Determinants or factors
A)Heredity and biological factors - Physique Intelligence - Sex differences - Nervous system Chemical organisation
B) Environmental factors - Family - Geography - Life
pattern - Childhood experience - Neighbourhood Friends - School - Media - Cloths - Culture
C) Emotional reaction - Aspiration - Aptitudes and
attitude - Interest - Motivation - Intellectual level
Personality: KEY TERMS
Personality: a person’s internally based characteristic
way of acting and thinking
Character: Personal characteristics that have been
judged or evaluated
Temperament: Hereditary aspects of personality,
including sensitivity, moods, irritability, and distractibility
Personality Trait: Stable qualities that a person shows in
most situations
Personality Type: People who have several traits in
common Personality
Personality: Well Balanced Personality
• Good physical appearance
• Emotional stability
• High intellectual ability
• High degree of social adjustment
• High moral characters
• Good temperament
• Good directedness
• Tremendous commonsense, drive and pragmatic