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activity 4

Clarence Ace D Berba
Joshua P, Jobilo
A boy named Jay Ar is having a problem about his activities in Math, he has no idea about
inductive reasonings. He has to do it as soon as possible because the deadline in their activity is near or
else, he won’t be graded. So, he asked their class president whose name is Marc.
Jay Ar: Hi Marc, (smile)
Marc: Hello, (smile back)
Jay Ar: Uhm, can you spare me some time? There’s something I really wanted to ask you.
Marc: Okay, what is it? you can tell me now.
Jay Ar: (sweating) Uhm, (took a deep breath) I am having a problem about my math, I don’t know how
to make those activities. I can even start. Can you give me some ideas? (hands trembling)
Marc: Okay, take a seat
Jay Ar: (smiles)
(10minutes of teaching)
Jay Ar: (sighs)
Marc: Okay, that’s all. I guess you can now make and finish your activities because you already have an
idea about it. (smile)
Jay Ar: (nod) Yes, thank you so much for the help. (smiles)
Marc: You’re welcome (smiles)