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Op. Snowfall 2 Game Brief

Detailed Game Brief
(What you need to Know: (Do not Over Think It!)
HEADQUARTERS for Op. Snowfall 2
INTENT: Provide a clear understanding for OP. SNOWFALL 2 so all personnel involved in missions &
objectives may operate at the peak of their ability and with a full understanding of their objectives to
help ensure victory for their cause.
ENVIRONMENT: The AO is made up of a Rural Residence with multiple structures, vehicles, Pool, and
boats for cover around the residences, the surrounding area consists of lightly wooded, mostly flat area
around the south and west sides of the residence with heavily wooded, sloping, flowing, rocky terrain to
the North. East side runs along an active highway.
OBJECTIVE: Each Faction will be given Key Routes, Missions, and Frago’s directly from game staff that
your team will need to complete to gain points for your faction but that’s only the beginning.
There are many other missions, frago’s, and quests that give Points to your side, however these missions
may be harder to find and will require you and your team to Interact with other players and role players
to gain intel, quests, and missions. (Frago’s and Missions are specific to Faction)
FOB Bag (Backpack / Go Bag)– should contain food, water, and supplies for the days Operations
and provide extra carrying room for items of interest.
Camera/Phone- for gathering evidence, intel, & proof pics of missions, quests, and
Faction Uniform – make sure you meet the requirements of your faction’s uniform.
Radios – for communication with your team and for game intel from High Command. (Optional)
FACTION(s): This Event is a Roll play event featuring Civilians, DEA Agents & The Cartel set in a key
manufacturing and distribution area for the Cartel in Rural Oklahoma.
The DEA have moved agents into the area to gain more knowledge about the Cartels operation so they
can put a stop to this key zone of distribution, which will require help from the locals to gain intel and
follow leads to capture Key assets of the Cartels Operation.
DEA AGENTS – Must always have on some type of Camo Pants on and a blue bandana on them.
DEA can wear any loadout, full camo, or police replica uniform and loadouts if they wish.
(Bandana doesn’t have to be showing but must be easily found if searched)
CARTEL – are encouraged to dress the part as cartel but can wear anything except camo clothing
and must have a purple bandana and may have any style of Loadout & weapons (AK’s Preferred)
but may not have Optics on their primary or secondary weapon.
(Bandana doesn’t have to be showing but must be easily found if searched)
CIVILIANS – Civilians are allowed to run and wear anything but are encouraged to mimic the DEA
or Cartel requirements minus the Bandana to add depth to the game.
Telling Players Apart:
When trying to tell a player apart you have a few methods of accomplishing this:
-Searching a player to find out If they have a bandana that Blue or purple or don’t have one at all.
-Investigating that player
-Successfully Interrogating that player and using 1 of your 3 questions to identify that players side.
(Info on how to search, capture, and interrogate a player listed below)
(Players may bring small game specific items as props to sell, trade, or roleplay with but must Not be
Offensive, Dangerous, Toxic, etc. All props must be okayed by game staff before the event)
DEA AGENTS – Gain trust of the Locals to help gain intel about Cartel operations i.e., High Value
Targets, Money, Drug, and weapon stashes.
Your main Objective is to Eliminate all supply routes, stashes, and cartel members and if possible,
capture High ranking Officials within the cartel for searches, interrogation, and Jail Time.
CARTEL MEMBERS – The Cartel look to move their drugs and guns into the area and distribute it
to the local population to gain money for their organization to supply funds to continue growing
the business. They will need to gather intel on the population to identify customers and DEA to
avoid arrest, loss of product, loss of money, or death of members.
Your main Objective is to Manufacture Products, distribute to local buyers, Traffic mass Shipments,
& Secure Supply Routes all while preventing DEA From Capturing your supply or El Jefe “The Boss”
CIVILIANS – Due to a Lack of police presence in the pass these residents have become self-reliant
and tend to protect their friends and community with a united front against anyone that means
them harm. However, they have learned to go with what they feel to be safe if that means
helping the side that benefits them the most that is what they will do!
Civilians’ main objective is to spread information, buy game props to distribute cash, and play
the middle ground to stay out of conflicts when possible until they are provoked by misdoings by
one side or the other.
• Players are welcome to camp at our facility.
• Please police your camping spot for trash.
• Respect everyone around you in the camp zone.
Alcohol is allowed at your camp site & the pro shop during the player party for those 21+
• No alcohol on the field at anytime
• Campfires are allowed based on fire danger.
• Fires cannot be left unattended.
Players must use some type of fire containment (i.e., rocks, fire ring, and hole & dirt ring)
Items Required:
FOB Bag – should contain food, water, and supplies for the days Operations.
• Faction Uniform – make sure you meet the requirements of your faction’s uniform.
• All Players must have a phone for gathering evidence, intel, & proof pics of missions, quests,
and frago’s.
• Flashlights, Radios, & Watches are highly recommended and required for all team members to
receive intel for objectives, frago’s, and game updates in the event.
Players are being recommended to bring wet weather gear and prepare accordingly.
(We are not expecting rain by saying this just trying to be prepared)
Player roleplay rules:
(If at any point you are uncomfortable use the safe word: (Pineapples)
• When you hear pineapples from any player on the field stop Immediately.
You are strongly encouraged to fully get into the roll you have chosen to play and feel
free to do your own thing.
• Players are encouraged to play dead or take a knee for the 3 min bleed out.
• Do not touch another player in an aggressive manor.
• A player can refuse to do anything during the game if they feel the need.
• Treat everyone with respect.
• Don’t push it too far & keep a good attitude.
How to win:
This is a Point based game the winner of the DEA & Cartel is determined by who can
secure intel to complete the most objectives.
• Work with civilians or Investigate players to gain intel for your side.
• Maintain control of your resources as you collect more from enemies.
• Complete quests, frago’s, and missions.
• Collect Money by any means necessary
The Border Zone:
The border zone is a hot zone and the main corridor for all the Drug Trafficking as always,
the cartel will do anything to get the drugs across the border into the US for distribution.
• This zone is a High Security area and Agents will be very tight on people trying to cross
the border.
• while in the city zone Everyone is considered a non-hostile civilian or basic police patrol until
given a reason to consider them hostile such as:
(Game intel, illegal activity, Police activity around key cartel locations, or if there is a person
of interest wanted for questioning.)
Respawning / Reloading:
(You Can Only Remove Bandages At your FOB)
FOB’s ARE NOT ATTACKABLE, DO NOT SHOOT OUT OF THE FOB, players must be outside the
fob to engage targets.
• All loose BB’s and other supplies must be left at FOB and can only be reloaded there.
• DEA & Cartel Players may only respawn at their teams Respawn/Fob.
• Civilian’s may respawn at the city zone Respawn and may leave their extra equipment there.
• Players may not carry any loose bb’s on them while fighting on the field.
• Props sitting at Fob’s can’t be taken or moved till you are told its active and ok to do so.
• Do not take props from the other teams FOB!
Confirming Frago’s & Missions:
Keep a Phone Handy – You will need to take confirmation pictures of completed
Missions and Frago’s, as well as Drug Busts, Arrests, Shipment Collections/Drops etc.
-If it might be important take a pic with the person, place, or thing
-Add a Caption
-Then send it to the location give by game staff to earn possible points for your side.
Medic Rules:
(You Can Only Remove Bandages At your FOB)
ALL Players have a 3 min bleed out.
• All players are encouraged to play dead during their 3 min bleed out timer.
• when you are hit you must sit wear you were hit unless it is in an unsafe spot and in that
case, you will move to the closest safe location that does not improve your chances of
being healed.
• When hit call “HIT” pull your dead rag and sit there till you are revived by a medic or till
the 3 min has run out. After the 3 min you can walk back to your fob to respawn or
continue waiting if you think your team will be able to get to you soon.
• All Players will need at least 2 tourniquets or cloth ace wrap bandages.
• All players can medic other players, but you must properly wrap the bandage or apply
the tourniquet to the wounded players’ arm. If they already have one put the second on
the other arm.
• All players get 2 medics before they must walk back to the FOB to remove bandages and
You can buddy carry a wounded guy to safety by putting his arm over your shoulders.
Wounded players can’t run or assist when being carried, dragged, or helped to slow
Searching Players:
Only Event items can be collected when searching a player such as (Money Packs, Drugs, Intel,
Supply Cards, and Homemade Items).
A player can only be searched when they are dead or wounded and must be searched within
the 3 min bleed out time.
• To start a search walk to the player put a hand on them and say “searching”:
-The Player being searched must then pick a number between 1-10 and write/type it down.
(Number must be written down by player to ensure what number was picked)
-The searching player has 3x chances to guess the number.
-If the guesses are correct, they must give you all items approved to be taken that they have
on their person.
-If the guesses are incorrect, the searched player gets to return to respawn with all their
• A player can only be searched once per capture.
• EG Products and Personal items cannot be taken.
Do not physically search another player they should give up their items themselves.
Not giving up items when you’re supposed to is in bad taste and cheating, this only makes the
game less exciting please follow all rules.
Interrogating Players:
(Number must be written down by player to ensure what number was picked)
• After capturing a player, you say “Interrogating” and have the player pick a number
between 1-10.
Interrogations are allowed both on active AO & Faction FOB’s.
You may only interrogate someone one time per capture.
When interrogating someone you have 3 Guesses to correctly get the Number picked by the
player being questioned. If guessed correctly the player must answer 3 questions truthfully to
their interrogator before being released.
A Player cannot kill anyone while being interrogated.
A player can’t fire at all if being questioned at a FOB until they have returned to the play area.
Capturing Players:
Players can be detained & captured for questioning however the use of restraints ISNT
To detain or capture a player you must have 2 people with their hands on the player
to escort them to the desired location.
Once a player has been detained one of the 2 players must always have their hand on
the captured player to maintain control of that player, Unless the player is being
searched, interrogated, or is put in jail.
IF a player is shot you can medic the player and detain them if this can be
accomplished before the 3 min bleed out time is over.
Detained players can give a little resistance to slow down the enemy but cannot cause
a struggle or break lose under their own power they must be saved by fellow
teammates or civilians.
Captured/Detained players cannot kill another player while they are being touched.
Arrested / Jailed Players:
(Civilians, Cartel, & Dirty Cops can be arrested)
You may only arrest and jail a player once you have proven guilt, to do this you must
follow and confirm these steps:
-Confirm player is committing a crime (W/Proof) either by picture evidence,
successfully searching a player & finding something illegal, or witnessing a crime in
-Once Confirmed of a crime the player must be captured and escorted to the jail
-All Players arrested must stay in jail till released by an admin (Roughly 15-30 Min.) or
broken out of jail by your team or other players.
-All players in jail have the option of also paying a bail of $500(prop money) to get out
immediately after being jailed.
(The only way jailed players would have bail money is if the search was failed before
entering jail)
• When put in jail you will keep your weapons but cannot use them to break out, kill
players, or assist in your rescue till your teammate touches you and you have left the
jail house and respawned at the FOB.
Field Supply card:
Field supply cards are Prize items that can be found on the field they will be clearly identified as:
(An envelope with “Supply card” written on the front)
Field supply cards can be stolen in a search so use cation once you have found one.
• If you are searched, you must give up the supply card.
• Supply cards can be found on the field & on Key Role Players.
• Supply cards only spawn at set times during the day via game staff.
• Supply card prizes could be Grenades, Snacks/drinks, a mortar, or bb’s.
(Once you have found a supply card you follow these steps to claim prize)
Secure the package.
• Proceed to pro – shop.
• Turn in envelope/card to check in.
• Receive your prize.
There are 2 types of money in this event. the props and loose bills.
Props - will be packaged together and cannot be separated. They will be in clear packaging and
may be inside of other containers during the game.
Props will be used for Special tasks, Frago’s, & Missions
Loose Bills – is flowing currency between all players via the in-game market for info, product
sales, trading, Payment for jobs, etc.…
Cartel, DEA, & Civilians all need to make money, and, in this world, you must spend
money to make money, but all players must turn in all the money they have collected
into their teams bucket at the end game raffle to earn Points for their side.
So, keep track of the money and try to collect it for your unit.
(Civilians want to keep money in their pocket too and do not work for cheap)
(Handel all Props with care they can pop)
There are 2 types of drugs in this event. the props and sample bags.
Props - will be packaged together and cannot be separated. They will be in clear packaging and
may be inside of other containers during the game.
Props will be used for Special tasks, Frago’s, & Missions
Sample Bags – will be sold by players on the field and can be used for bribes, intel,
evidence, etc.
These play no specific roll other than added roll play and player interaction.
High Ranking Cartel leaders, determined to expand their Distribution Hub within the US
keyed in on a small rural area of Oklahoma to build a Central Hub to be used for a main zone
for all money, drugs, and gun shipments coming in to use as a jump off point as well as to
manufacture and distribute product to local consumers.
The Cartel were able to get well established in the area before any law enforcement were
aware of their ever-growing numbers.
Local Law Enforcement started getting reports about suspicious behavior, Unknown persons
in the area, and a slight increase in violent crimes but all were written off as normal or a false
report, until Suspicious activity was reported at a secluded property outside of town. 3
officers were called to investigate the situation.
The Officers Reported pulling on seen “3 black SUVs with 7 People in or around the vehicles
no tags visible”. Local Dispatch received a “SHOTS FIRED! OFFICER DOWN!” call 5 minutes
after officers were on seen, more officers were rushed to the area to find the 3 officers DOA
(Dead on Arrival) and both squad cars on fire but no sign of anyone else or any evidence left
Local law enforcement Doubled its efforts to investigate finding who was involved in the
murder as well as the recent string of violence and suspicious sightings. After some
searching and talking to locals, whispers of Cartel activity began to flow in from all over and
drugs seemed to flood the area overnight.
Concerned that the problem could get worse police started to target the source of the fear,
drugs, and violence that has taken over the area. Multiple Sting operations were done all
ending in tragedy for law enforcement Due to the Vast area the Cartel had taken over
there was no way for local police to cover the whole area with the strength needed to slow
down Cartel activity and take down cartel strong holds.
Local Law enforcement were forced to pull back the push and gather information on the
Cartel’s Operations to report the activity and request assistance from DEA and Federal
During this time, the cartel was able to further control the area with extraordinarily little
worries of police action of any real concern to the organization.
DEA Supervisors have been notified of the building problem in the area and have reported
assigning Agents to help reset the balance in the area and tear down whatever strongholds
the Cartel has managed to build!
Residents have become unpredictable due to the lack of police presence and ever-growing
danger, gun, and drug use in the region, and many have been interviewed all saying, “We
are all we got”. Sources say tensions are building with the threat of Federal involvement in
the area and cartel activity seems to be increasing.
More details to come Stay Tuned!
-JTC NEWS inc.-