Milestone Report #1 (MSR)
To: Professor Collins
Subject: MSR 1
Once you finish with the heading, you can begin writing the body. All MSRs should be 100 to
150 words long. A deduction of final grade will apply to MSRs that are outside of the word
count. The purpose of a memo is to communicate information efficiently and sufficiently,
meaning they should be quickly readable and leave little room for questions by the reader. To
complete this template, simply erase the wording I have in this section and input the following
Update your instructor on how you feel so far about the class.
Briefly discuss the topic you have chosen for essay 1-NOT THE DOCUMENTARY
TITLE. Is the topic about health, animals, guns, food, crime, drugs, death, etc?
Do you have any questions about essay 1 not addressed in class? If not, write a sentence
stating that you understand the assignment so far and do not have questions.
This is to double-check that you can upload assignments, view my comments, and answer any
questions you have on the current assignment. As with all minor assignments, you must submit
on time to receive credit. Students that do not delete the instructions from the template as well as
the rubric below will receive a point deduction so be sure to delete it from the template and then
type in your response.
MSR Grading
Heading format and details
Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, & Mechanics of body content
Content must be sufficient, detailed, relevant, and follow