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Algebraic expressions worksheet

1. In the the following algebraic expression
The variable is ----The constant is ---------The coefficients are --------- and ------The exponents are -------- and -------There are ------- (how many) terms which are ______ , ______,
and _______
2. A mathematical phrase that includes at least one operation and
variable is called
a. a numerical expression
b. an algebraic expression
c. a term
d. a factor
3. The best definition for “like terms” is
a. the number you multiply a variable by.
b. a letter that represents a number.
c. terms having the same variables and exponent.
d. a polynomial.
4. Which of the following are like terms
5. Select the correct algebraic expression for the following verbal
the sum of 200 and five times a number
a. 5n + 200
b. 200n + 5
c. 5n - 200
d. 200n - 5
6. Which one is equal to the algebraic equation (Simplify the expression).
a. 8m+9p
b. 8m+9p+6
c. 9m+8p−2
d. 9m+8p+10
7. What are the coefficients in the following algebraic expression
8. What are the exponents in the following algebraic expression
9. Simplify each of the following algebraic expressions
10. Write the algebraic expression for the volume of the cylinder with
radius equal to (2x) and a height equal to 3x.