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Hamlet Choice Project

Hamlet Project Menu
Below is a list of project ideas. Choose one that appeals to you and see me for details.
Creative Writing:
o New Ending: Write a different ending for the play.
o New Scene: Write a new act/scene that would fill a gap somewhere in the
o Autobiography: Write an autobiography of one of the characters (as
though you are the character)
o Newspaper/Magazine (made in Microsoft Publisher)—this needs to be
several pages
o Script—rewrite a portion of the play in modern language
o Graffiti Wall-build/draw/design a graffiti wall displaying relevant themes,
soliloquies, characters….
o Caricatures-draw caricatures of several characters, exaggerating the most
noticeable physical characteristics and personality traits of each
o Mural-create a carefully designed and painted mural. The mural might
depict different characters from different scenes, or you could choose
characters and theme.
o Sculpture-use clay, wire, or paper mache to construct a sculpture based on
the play or in response to it.
o Castle Replica-research a castle from a particular time period. Build a
scaled replica.
o Scrapbook-choose one character and have him/her create a scrapbook.
You must use a real scrapbook.
Media Performance:
o Song/Rap-write two original songs for the play. These can be set to a
popular tune or you can create your own music as well.
o Trial-put one of the characters on trial for a crime or wrongdoing. You
may need the following: witnesses, defense attorney, prosecuting attorney,
judge, jury, court reporter, bailiff. Your court documents need to be
properly formatted.
o Video recreation-film an act or the entire play.
o Reality TV-create a reality TV show based on the play.
o Play/Skit-act out live an act (or more), including costumes and props.
o Evening News-film the evening news special that would occur at the end
of the play. You will probably need the following: anchorman, on-scene
reports, cameramen, witnesses.
Presentation: All of these projects will be presented. You must be able to explain
any choices you made to the group.