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The Food is Ready
Imagine being in a place hearing loud screaming sounds, seeing many of your ambitions fade
away, and sensing the blazing hot fire and smelling charcoal for four months. Although I was
not literally in this scenario, I liken it to how I felt about my future at the time.
“Knock, knock,” interrupts my mother, “food is ready.” A multitude of disturbing thoughts
come to my mind not because of my mother, but because of the state I am in. It felt like I was
in the middle of an enormous ocean on a dark night, or as if I were a stranger living in a scary
town. Nonetheless, I quickly responded to her and left my office, which was clustered with
equations of calculus and Newton’s laws.
Although it has been there for years, the marble flooring in the hallway suddenly attracts my
attention; it looked rigid, bright, and organized, unlike my future plans. Other objects seemed
to hold metaphorical value as well; the suspended, floating plant pot rotated around endlessly
and mocked my seemingly endless and unavailing career planning. In that same moment,
however, I was inspired, as the plant pot appeared as though it was not touching anything
other than the tiny air molecules. It intrigued me and made me feel excited to conduct some
research about it—but only after lunch.
At lunch, I recall the first remark I heard from my mother was, “Is everything okay?” I could
feel my anxiety building as the gaze of everyone in my family turned upon me. Although I
had enough self-confidence to stand in front of a crowd, I sometimes felt insecure when
relatives stared at me, or rather through me. The moment I finished lunch, I quickly hurried to
my room and returned to my topic of curiosity. I came to know that it hovered and rotated
through the use of a magnet, and this technology reminded me of the magnetic stirrer in my
school’s lab. I still recall, I used to ask questions in the physics class, and sometimes the
teacher would just say it was not included in the course we were taking. As many students
come to learn, however, the more you learn, the less you realize you know, and this endless
curiosity led me to majors that will enable me to learn how things work and tackle the
building and improving of objects.
After much research, I finally discovered the field which I truly felt was interesting and best
fit my passions: electrical engineering. Researching the latest breakthroughs in the field
enabled me to break through that warzone and finally discover my future career. I was also
delighted to learn that electrical engineering even aligns with my morals, including helping
others, creating technologies that make people’s lives easier, and making a positive impact on
society at large.
Today, I have taken my journey one step further, as I am aiming to take AP classes in physics
and calculus to lay a solid framework of knowledge for this field of study. Moreover, my
bond with electrical engineering has become more firm now than ever as I am researching the
manufacturing of electrical objects that I hope will benefit humanity. In addition, I have also
worked on improving my soft skills, such as research, time management, and
communication, as these are required of an electrical engineer. My current work as a
freelancer is also teaching me the dedication and leadership skills necessary to be successful
in my future studies and career. I feel that I have grown over these past few months and am
confident in my ability to be successful in the [DEGREE] program at [UNIVERSITY].