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Water Resource management
Water quality management
Water quality are monitored both on
surface and ground water samples that are taken up
and down stream in the Bronkhorstspruit River and
also on the storm water discharge from RussellStone
Social awareness and education
Awareness of water conservation
are discussed on site meetings and
education on reporting leaks to save water
Dam storage optimization
RussellStone Protein have three
storage dams, with a combined volume of
1032 m³ that are filled from the municipal
and boreholes at a percentage of 40%
municipal and 60% borehole
Removal of invasive plants
Invading plants and trees are
removed to reduce the in fracture being
Distribution of management
Pressure management Metering
Water pressure are contained and
measured on pressure meters and flow
meters to monitor abnormal pressure drop
in lines that will indicate abnormal water
Preventative maintenance
All flow meters are verified every 6
months and strainers cleaned once a
Leaking taps and pipes are repaired as
leaks are reported
Water efficiency are done everyday to
see high usages
Infrastructure optimization on all
distribution points
Loss minimization controlled
Dual distribution systems all monitored
with flowmeters