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Following the tragic and senseless killing of her daughter, Yeardley Love, Sharon
Love, and her other daughter Lexi established the One Love Foundation, which, for the
last 12 years has been active. The One Love Foundation was started consequentially,
due to Yeardley Love, a well-liked, bubbly, student athlete, who was attending the
University of Virginia, being senselessly murdered in a drunken rage by her abusive
boyfriend, George Huguely V. The Love family, her school, and people around the world
mourned her loss.
There was a preposterous amount of media coverage for the incident, and with all
of the news spreading around the heartache of her daughter’s murder, Sharon saw an (
for lack of better terms ) opportunity. An opportunity to use this tragic event to begin to
help people in unhealthy and abusive relationships, begin to recognize the signs that her
daughter so nearly missed.
The One Love Foundation’s message is this: “ One Love was founded to honor
the unnecessary and tragic death of Yeardley Love by engaging young people through
compelling, relatable films and honest conversations around healthy and unhealthy
relationship behaviors. “ The foundation and its partners go around to universities and ,
recently secondary education, for instance preparatory schools, to display the signs of
unhealthy relationships, and how to help those who may be in those relationships.
This campaign, was given life because Yeardley’s was taken, and One Love
discusses how she was in an abusive relationship and no one either knew the signs or
how to help Yeardley. One Love focuses on how individuals aren’t educated enough on
the signs of a unhealthy or abusive relationship, and that to the person who might be in
that situation to recognize the signs and liberate themselves from that relationship.
Because the foundation was founded primarily grown through Sharon and her
family, the campaign leans towards Earned and Social Media. Sharon, posting the first
One Love graphic almost ten years ago. Through her efforts, she has grown One Love to
be a nationally recognized campaign. Because our youth and adolescence is being born
into a digital age, social medias like Instagram, Twitter, etc. is where most of their
content goes. They have large, verified, accounts across all major social media
platforms, giving them their credibility and popularity.
This campaign technically advertises; however it is not a product. One Love is
advertising the education of unhealthy relationships, at the cost of you wanting to be
informed. The concept of educating people on these topics are useful, and necessary,
and people realize it. Universities across the country have invited One Love repeatedly,
to host workshops, discussions, information sessions etc., to educate their students on
how to love their partner properly.
Frankly, people love it. People hear about the One Love Story and immediately
fall in love with the foundation because it is legitimately helping people. Things like, “ I
would have left sooner “ are said up and down their media pages because they are
actually educating. The overall strategy of the campaign is very strong and formidable in
a very interesting way. The strategy of the campaign is very straightforward. In these
environments where young people who are not properly seasoned in practice of loving
correctly, One Love is stepping in, and showing films, hosting talks etc. to show the
students, teachers, anyone, the signs of unhealthy relationships.
The only improvement I would make is to not direct all of the attention at the
males. It seems like there are a lot of assumptions that males are the only ones capable
of domestic violence and producing unhealthy relationships. Because women are just as
capable, if not more, I feel women should feel the same pressure as men to love their
partner correctly.