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5750 Lab2 Chun-Cheng Lee

Database5750 Lab2
Chun-Cheng Lee
The software maintains and manages information related to employees, rooms,
committees, and committee meetings of a company. The information include at
least the following data:
Employee: IDNumber, Full Name, Office Location, Telephone Number,
Department, and Position.
Employee’s Schedule: Date, Start Time, End Time, and Task .
Room: Building Number, Room Number, and Capacity.
Room Schedule: Date, Start Time, End Time, and Status.
Committee: Title, Chair’s Name , Chair’sIDNumber, and Members.
Committee Meeting: Meeting Number, Date, Start Time, and End Time.
A software product that records and tracks all your bank accounts. The main
menu shows the following possible transactions:
NewAccount: Enter information of a new bank account: BankName, Account#;
DeleteAccount: Delete an account;
Deposit: Enter information of every deposit transaction using Account# or
BankName: Date, Amount, amount of CashOut;
Withdraw: Enter the information of every withdraw transaction using Account# or
BankName: Date , Amount;
EnterCheck: Enter information of each check you write: Check#, CheckDate,
Amount, ToWhom, ForWhat;
EnterStatement: Enter the information of each bank statement you receive:
StatementDate, StartDate, EndDate, Balance, and a single line for each,
Check cashed including: Check#, CheckDate, Amount, DateCashed;
Deposit: Date, Amount;
Withdraw: Date, Amount.