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Family Communication Strategies

Sunny Side Daycare
School & Family Communication Strategies
1. Newsletters
Newsletters are a great way of communicating to the families about ongoing activities. You can
effectively communicate to parents/families to help plan accordingly for upcoming events. For
example, you might want to inform the parents of activities that may require a volunteer or donation
of supplies. This will allows parents’ time to plan.
2. Social Media
In today’s generation, technology is a primary source of communication and we need to utilize it to our
advantage. We can post to our web/social media page videos, links and other resources to help
parents with their child development without singling any one child out. This form of communication
allows them access anytime/anywhere unlike the paper copies. Parents and families can remain
3. Parent/Teacher Conference
Parent/Teacher conferences are a very good form of communication. It allows the parents a one-onone opportunity to ask any questions pertaining specifically to their child. It also allows time for the
teacher to talk to the parents about their child’s accomplishments and deficiencies.
4. Phone Calls/Text Messages/Virtual Office Meeting
The traditional method of communication is by phone calls. Adding the teacher’s office phone number
to the newsletter would be an easy way of providing that info to the parents. Parents can call or text
the teacher with questions during regular business hours. Being available for parents is very important.
Parents need to feel comfortable in reaching out to their child’s teacher. While attempting to allow for
communication we do need to have boundaries. Establishing an hour of availability to have a video call
would be another way a parent can have a quick face-to-face talk with the teacher without having to
drive to the school.
5. Award Ceremonies
Children like to receive rewards and parents love to see their children excelling in anything they do. We
can have different levels of awards with the most accomplishments receiving the greater reward.
6. Open House
An open house allows for teachers to establish good communication and trust with parents. We would
be able to connect with the parents and in doing so be able to work together. Teaching children is a
joint effort, teachers and parents working together can start with an effective Open House.
7. Activity planner
Activity planner can be a monthly calendar or agenda sent home with the children to assist in
organization and preparedness. This is a skill the children will benefit from and use all their lives, not
only during their early years.