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Project Proposal for a Library Managemen

Information Technology has revolutionized the life of human beings and has made lives
easier by the various kinds of applications. In the light of the rapid changes with the use
of Information Technology, there are many tools, technologies and systems that have been
produced and invented.
This project is concerned with developing a Library Management System for Agape Youth
Library in order to make library management more efficient and easy to handle. The
Library management system enables a fully automated library service. It has the ability to
display the details of the books available in various departments, the transactions of
books and about the book holders.
The goals of this project are to provide simplicity as well as security and efficiency to the
management of Agape Youth Library and also reduce managing personnel in the library.
Many libraries are operated manually by a group of people. These people keep records
regarding the books & students (borrowers), check the books manually and keep records
on issued books. All these things have to be carried out manually and if the library is very large, proper
record keeping will become a major problem as manual record keeping has never been a reliable
method because people tend to forget things.
Other problems of the existing system are:
 Fast report generation is not possible
 Tracing a book is difficult
 Information about issue/return of the books is not properly maintained
 No central database can be created as information is not available in database
A review of literature reveals that a computerized library management system will:
 Help to improve the library services.
 Help the Liberians with management information.
 Help the librarian in reporting on the various operations of the library.
 Increase the rate at which Tasks are completed accurately
 Obviate the need to hire additional staff with increased demand for services.
Nwalo (2003) posited that a computerized library management system involves the use
of a computer application on computers in library.
A number of studies have reported on the application of information technology in
libraries in Nigeria. These reports include that of Lawani, Azubike and Ibekwe (1992),
Mosuro (1996), Idowu and Mabawonku (1999), Ogunleye (1997) Agboola (2000), and
Ajala (2001) Nok (2006). All of these studies have agreed that serious application of
information technology to library processes started in Nigerian libraries in the early
Library management System (LMS) provides a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) for
the Library Staff to manage the functions of the library effectively. The Library
Management System is designed & developed for the receipt and Issuance of books in
the library.
In a non-computerized Library management system, when a book is issued or returned, it
is noted down in a register after which data entry is done to update the status of the
books. This process takes some time and proper update of this information cannot be
guaranteed. Anomalies in the update process can cause loss of books. So a more user
friendly interface which could update the database instantly has a great demand in
libraries, hence the need for this project.
The solution to the problem of the manual library management is to develop a
computerized library management system. Before developing the proposed system,
there is need to identify;
a) The design of the proposed system
b) The main users of the library management system
c) The activities of the main users
a) The Design - The proposed system will be designed using Microsoft Visual Studio as the front end
and Microsoft access as the back end (the database used to store the user details & book
details). The size (in terms of memory) of the proposed system will be small.
b) The main users – The main users of the proposed system are the borrowers, the administrator
and the librarian.
c) Their activities – The activities of the main users of the proposed system are listed in a table below.
Activities of
the Borrower
Activities of
the Administrator
Activities of
the librarian
 Search for a book
Add/Delete books
Issue books
 Borrow a book
Maintain the database
Return books
 View user details
View user details
Add/delete books
 Modify user details
Maintain user details
The proposed system will be able to perform all these activities.
The Library management system needs to be computerized to reduce human errors and
to increase the efficiency. The proposed Library management system in this proposal will
be a computerized management system developed to maintain all the daily work of
library. Library management systems are designed to store all the information about
books and members.
The main focus of this project is to lessen human effort and encourage efficient record
Based on the results of the findings gathered, I would like to recommend the following:
 The Library consider the proposed Library system for them to increase the number of their
student or user
 The proposed system be implemented by the library because it is more productive and more
capable of recording data in library
 Future researchers should continue to improve the proposed system
 Training must be conducted before the actual operation of the developed system