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English Quiz

English Quiz
Grade 5
Name: ___________________________________________
1. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.
Country, language, nationality, person, city, class, population
There are about 500 million ____________ in the European Union.
Seattle and Los Angeles are ____________ in the west of the USA.
There are 27 _____________ in the European Union.
There are people of 127 different ______________ living in London.
In Canada, there are two official languages ________________.
There are _______________ in French and Spanish in my school.
The ____________ of London is more than 7.5 million.
2. Match the verbs in the box with words 1-8.
Watch, have, do, go, start, work, speak, cook
a. __________ lunch
b. __________Spanish
c. __________TV
d. __________to bed
e. __________in a factory
f. __________ dinner
g. __________school
h. __________ my homework
3. Write questions for these answers with the words in brackets.
a. Tania lives in London. (Where?)
b. Tom and Jim have lunch at 12:30. (What time?)
c. I usually get up at 7 a.m. (When?)
d. I sit next to Sarah in class. (Who?)
e. I read comics. (What?)
f. I practise dancing three times a week. (How often?)
4. Complete the mini-dialogues with the words in the box.
Do, enjoy, mind, doing
Boy: What do you like __________ after school?
Girl: I really __________ playing video games.
Boy: __________ you like reading?
Girl: I don’t ____________ reading comics, but I hate books.
Singing, enjoy, loves, about
Girl: Do you _________ playing in the group?
Boy: Yes, I do. I don’t like ____________
Girl: What _________ Julia?
Boy: Oh, she __________ dancing.
5. Complete the sentences with a country, nationality or language.
a. -Is he from France?
- No, but his mother is _________________.
b. -My friends Naomi and Kneji are from Japan.
- They’re ____________________________.
c. Where are the cities of New York and Miami? - They’re in __________________________.
d. My father is from Poland. He speaks _____________________.
e. I love big pizzas. ____________________ food is my favourite!
f. Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver are cities in _____________________.
g. She lives in __________________ but she doesn’t speak Spanish.
h. Do you like music from Brazil?
- Yes, I do. I love _____________ music.
i. We’re German and we’re from Berlin. It’s the capital of _______________________.
j. Sydney is an Australian city. It’s in the south of _______________________.
6. Complete the sentences using the plural from of one of the words in brackets.
a. My favourite English ___________ are amazing and incredible! (nationality/ word)
b. There are hundreds of ___________ in this shopping centre. (shop/ class)
c. Are there a lot of ____________ in the library today? –Yes, it’s quite noisy. (country/ people)
d. Do you like your English ___________? (nationality/ class)
e. Children speak different languages at my school. There are a lot of different
_____________(country/ nationality)
f. Two _____________ at my school are from Germany. (student/ class)
g. What are your favourite ___________? (country/ shop)there are some Brazilian ____________ in
those new flats. (family/ word)
7. Write sentences using the present simple affirmative and negative.
a. my/ mother/ go to work/ at 10:00
b. we/ not learn Spanish/ at school
c. I/ watch a film/ every weekend
d. he/ not live/ in a big city
e. she/ study/ Japanese and German
f. they/ not like/ Chinese food
8. Sara works for magazine and she studies Italian at language school. Complete the sentences about
a. I g____________ u__________ at seven o’clock. It’s early for me!
b. I s____________ w__________ at the office at about half past nine.
c. I h____________ l___________ at 2:00. I often have soup.
d. I f____________ w__________ at five o’clock. It’s time to go home!
e. I d____________ m__________ h____________ in my room at about 7:30.
f. At 9:00 I w__________ T_________ or listen to music.
g. At 11:00 I g_____ t_____ b_____.
9. Complete the dialogue, use the simple present.
a. ___________________________________________________________________________
(you/ live) near here?
-Yes, I do. I live in those flats.
b. Where _____________________________________________________________________
(your father/ work)?
- In a factory not far from here.
c. What _______________________________________________________________________
(you and your friends/ do) at the weekend?
- We go to the sport centre in town.
d. How often ___________________________________________________________________
(your best friend/ visit) you?
Every day. She’s very popular with my family!
e. ___________________________________________________________________________
(your best friend/ like) hip hop music?
-Yes, she does. She loves modern music.
f. What time _________________________________________________________________
(you/ go) to school?
- About 8:00, but I’m usually late!
10. Choose the correct answer.
a. Mexico has got a border __________ the USA.
a. Of
b. With
c. For
d. Up
b. __________ Mexican speaks Spanish.
a. More
b. A lot
c. Most
d. Less
c. The Pacific Ocean is _________ the west of Mexico.
a. To
b. From
c. In
d. Of
d. Spanish is the ____________ language in Mexico City.
a. Main
b. Currency
c. Area
d. Office