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week 1 assignment

1. In your PCCR Google drive, create a folder for CLJ6. All of your assignments
under this subject will be saved in this folder.
2. Change the share settings of this CLJ6 folder to “Philippine College of
Criminology”. You do this by right-clicking on the folder, click the “SHARE” option.
Then, at the bottom portion of the pop-up window, change “RESTRICTED” to
“Philippine College of Criminology”.
3. Be mindful that your teacher will need to have access to this CLJ6 folder. The
consequence of your teacher not having access to this folder is that the
assignment is deemed not submitted, so it is as if you did not submit anything.
4. All of your assignments should be typed in the Google Docs app using your
PCCR Gmail account. Save this file in the CLJ6 folder you just created in your
PCCR Google drive. The file name of your assignment should follow this format:
5. If the student prefers to have this assignment handwritten, the student must take
a clear photograph of each page and save it using the guideline above. The file
name format for each page should be (example): Week 1 Assignment_page1;
Week 1 Assignment_page2; etc.
6. Be mindful of the deadline for each assignment. No extensions will be granted,
except on meritorious reasons. No consideration will be given if the student fails
to provide any proof of such meritorious reason.
a. Example: if the student claims that his/her parent was rushed to the
hospital and was required to be confined there for a few days, submit the
Medical Certificate, plus a notarized Affidavit of the fact that you, the
student, was required to stay with your parent in the hospital.
b. If you claim power outage, show a copy of the notification from the
electricity provider giving such announcement of power outage, plus a
notarized affidavit of a family member in the household attesting under
oath to such fact.
The notarized Affidavits are required to be attached. This is the only way
to ensure that you are telling the truth and not only finding reasons to
escape from submitting on time your requirements. Remember: Affidavits
are subscribed and sworn to before solemnizing officers like notaries
public. Failure to state the truth in your Affidavits will subject you to
criminal liability under Article 183 of the Revised Penal Code.
The topics on general principles of criminal procedure and jurisdiction have just been
concluded. In line with these topics, answer the following:
1. In the case of Valdepenas vs. People, G.R. No. L-20687, April 30, 1966, the Supreme
Court discussed two kinds of jurisdiction relevant to criminal procedure. In this
case, the Supreme Court ruled that the court acquired jurisdiction over the person
of the accused and that it has jurisdiction over the subject matter of the case. In
your own words, why did the Supreme Court rule like this? 100 points