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Impacts of Human Rights issues on Public Health

Impacts of Human Rights issues on Public Health
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Impacts of Human Rights issues on Public Health
Human right issues have a huge impact on public health and they are attainable only when countries
make legislations that guarantees all their citizens get the best possible health standards. For public health
to be attained by every person, human rights have to be applied to the disadvantaged people. This is proven
where as the most fatal diseases like tuberculosis malaria and HIV/AIDS extremely affect the world poorest
countries. Issues of inequalities in gender, migration and age have impacted public health whereby some
diseases are linked to a specific economic class. Poor sanitation, poor housing and lack of water are human
rights but their directly affect a persons health.
Additionally, poor health services can lead to discrimination of human rights, in cases like mental
health where a person’s right to freedom is revoked. In this case, a patient is institutionalized without their
consent and medical tests are done. If the health workers and the health workforce are not well trained,
these patients may be treated inhumanely. Lastly, when human rights are violated, drug addicts, transgender
people, people living with disabilities and sex workers are exposed to human rights abuses in the hospitals
like coerced treatments