1.Why is solution selling an important part of developing
a successful innovation? IE How do we match our technology solution to
the problems our customers are experiencing?
Solution selling is a key part of developing a successful innovation because to customers, “Products are
means to an end” spa citation later. That is why sometimes products do not succeed in the market. If
there isn’t desirability from customers, no one will feel attracted towards it. That is why solution selling
is important when developing a successful innovation. For this reason, the entrepreneur should match
their new technology to the customer's day-to-day problems.
Solution selling is a process that focuses on a problem-led approach rather than
product -led approach. By using this process, salespersons can determine if or
how a change to their product can improve the product you are selling while at
the same time increase customer desirability.
2.Why do we engage in customer discovery? What key insights should we be
able to discern and how do we apply that to our innovation
Entrepreneurs engage in customer discovery to understand “Who” their real customer is and determine
if their proposed solution (innovation) will help solve their customers’ specific or general problem.
Some insights that we should be able to discern and apply to our innovation include the following:
1. Be able to understand and identify our customer’s real problem during a face-to-face (preferred)
interview without having leading questions.
2. Know your interviewee, and be ready to listen and not try to sell your product or act like a
3. Identify your desired market. By doing so, you can target good networking opportunities within
your community for starters.
Create a good database of your findings by creating a portfolio so you can keep in contact with them for
future questions.