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disposed of the ``Alabama'' claims. His knowledge of the
of arsenic in sodium-phosphate or in various iron preparations,
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to fix here the site of the proposed Welsh National Library.
disastrous expedition to Bohemia in 1126, when he suffered
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stages, each stage being marked by the formation of a boundary
exhibition of one or more of these qualities, from what may be
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view, careful inspection will show that the body is divisible
British empire as the ``Transvaal Colony.'' In January 1903
at Thessalonica of a date not later than A.D. 500. Even at
and the Populist or People's party in 1892--whose strength
neither this solution, nor that containing sodium chloride, can
small quantities and in sufficient dilution, alcohol causes
treated with the barbaric cruelty which the rule of the old
whose beauty was celebrated by Byron in Beppo. Lady William
of Stevin's works in 1625, published in 1629 at Amsterdam a
time of Paracelsus and even later. But ``alchemy'' was something
been ascertained and described, so that the observation
and, after a few months' residence there, to Rome, where he
established in Berlin and some of the principal seaports. These
death on the 5th of February 1902. His wife, Margaret
Christianity among the Romans, however, foeticide became equally
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from England) both flower and seed profusely. The peach
of the Alps and exclude from our list all those plants
1907 the ``Nulli Secundus,'' an airship constructed for the
in the discovery and conquest of America, was born at Badajoz
to end his days in peace. He remained to the end a staunch
law is in most cases considered strong enough, special laws
Toulotte, Geographie de l'Afrique chretienne (1892-1894);
terms with him afterwards and attached himself with his
itself.'' The council of Gangra (A.D. 355) anathematized
the beginning of the 5th century, and soon afterwards one
country. The town was rebuilt on a larger scale by Americans.
that either the smoke or some vapour emitted from the fire
the Shire highlands and a belt of territory extending along
As autocratic ruler of the nation which had long considered
of poets in 1302, and the Catherinists of Alost date from
But the change of temperature actually observed is much
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based upon this belief. The similarity of the morphological
Italy, but of which the most characteristic are found in the
The Taj was designed by Ustad Isa, variously described as a
Q.I.S.S. Quae infra scripta sunt; so Q.S.S.S. Quae supra, &c.
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those semi-independent native states which fringe Kashmir
but they do not suffice to mask what seems to be a resemblance
on Criticism (Spectator, No. 253); but who, though still
when they unite at Coblenz, opposite Waldshut. (W. A. B. C.)
(1897), The Reign of Law' (1900), The Mettle of the
Savoy. If the name is rightly interpreted as meaning
that of the medium. To the aggregate of such forms, both
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improvements in the city of Rome, restoring and building
spirits has been observed. It was, however, well known that
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outer slopes of the East African highlands, the last named
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death, induced Abu-Bekr to see to their preservation in a written
see no reason for believing it, but, on the other hand,
was the presentation in 1616 to the vicarage of Cranbrook in
of their arrival in the Balkan Peninsula. They are probably
reappearing above it), finds a parallel in the story of Tammuz
identified with Zeus probably through his similarity to
conglomerate which closely resembles the boulder bed near the
Erected on the plans of Robert de Luzarches, chiefly between
account of its treatment of the sexual problem, had for the
productions. In none of these cases is there any indication
Exeter. Here Alfred blockaded them, and a relieving fleet
an unostentatious scale, Allingham produced much excellent
Orthodox Church has metropolitans at Prizren, Durazzo, Berat,
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magnum opus, his History of Music, which was published
K.C.V.O. Knight Commander of the Victorian Order.
Guinea. German factories were dotted all along the coast in
of Greek origin. However this may be, it is certain that
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successfully applied to the synthesis of acids. Thus primary
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established to guard the rear of Vicksburg. In November Grant,