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The effects

1 The effects of violent films on viewers
Violent films bring a negative impact on viewers’ behavior, namely, children,
teenagers and adults. Firstly, children’s mind can be hurt the most due to violent
contents such as killing people and slaughtering massive animals. They, as a matter
of fact, are too sensitive and impressionable to suffer this kind of film, which will
have a tendency to mimic the brutal actions of characters in the future. Secondly,
those who are in teens can lose their temperature easily if they spend too much
time watching cruel movies. As a result of intensive scenes, youngsters’ attitude
become out of control which they are too aggressive to address their simple
problems. For example, many turn to bully their classmates or they even shoot
their teachers and friends in order to delight themselves or just represent their
heroic actions in modern life like a scene of carnage which can be noticed clearly
in some developed countries. Finally, not only children and teenagers can be
affected by violent films but adults also tend to have the same feeling. Similarly,
grown-up people can be stuck on brutality left by sadistic films, which lead to lack
respect to senior people and use violence to tackle their personal conflict.
Therefore, they can be arrested and become criminals due to their furious actions.
In conclusion, cruel films bring many detrimental effects on mind and behaviors of
the majority of people.
2 Why people gain weight
Nowadays, the number of obese people seems to be significantly increased due to
three main reasons. The first reason of the problem is that their diet a not balanced
and healthy. This is because most of people have no consciousness of nutrition in
order to get nourishing meals which are enough energies and vitamins to do their
daily activities. In addition, many have tendency to eat whatever they like too
Much times all day, which has no sense of balance in fiber and protein mostly
come from vegetables. Apart from that, people who lack physical exercises tend to
be out of shape. For example, white collar employees who usually sit in a
persistent position around many hours a day drive their car even use self-driving
car instead of walking or riding bicycles to work. As a result of the physical ease
brought by modern conveniences, people become overweight in their sedentary
lifestyles involved little exercises or physical activities. Finally, some of the
modern parents are too busy and frequently under pressure in their workplace, so
they are not likely to cook after working. Therefore, they simply get fast food and
instant food which contain a high fat content to get their meals done. In conclusion,
lack of awareness of science diet, adequate physical activities and poor-nutrient
food are the three core causes of gaining weight.
3 Why students drop out of high school
Clearly, there are three primary causes of dropping out of high school for. First and
foremost, family problems bring a great influence on students’ studies. Those who
are suffered from their parents’ divorce might get depressed, and they are not
likely to focus on learning. In addition, unfortunate pupils who live with their
stepparent seem to be not loved much or have a little sense of mercy. Therefore,
they have an ambition to reveal themselves by dropping out of school. Secondly,
their family’s income is also a reason that cause this problem. Many people are
grown-up in underprivileged families that they are unable to pay tuition fees, and
they are in need of social support to get their children participated in classes. As a
result, many students get involved in the workforce to share their parents’ fiscal
burden. Finally, the third explanation is that some students can be stuck on mental
problems when they study in school.
For example, vulnerable students can be targets for bullying or they get stressful
due to the feel of falling behind others without proper supporting for a long time.
They, eventually, lose their interest in studying, and they even will be diagnosed as
psychological victims. In conclusion, there are some underlying reasons in family
problems and mental health, which leads to abandon student’s studies.
4 Why countries are creating no-smoking laws
Clearly, there are some primary reasons why more and more countries bring no smoking under regulations. The first cause of this problem is that smoking poses a
threat to smokers’ health. Smokers who smoke regularly can become chainsmokers due to Nicotine, which is one of the most addicted substances, contained
in cigarettes. Consequently, heavy smokers might be diagnosed as lung cancer,
diabetes and heart disease. Secondly, not only active smokers can be affected by
smoking but passive smokers who passively inhale the smoke, are also in the
worse condition. For example, nonsmokers especially children who inhale
secondhand smoke increase the risk of developing lung cancer, heart disease and
respiratory diseases by up to 25 per cent than others. Finally, the costs of smoking
bring a dramatic influence on many lives. Besides the cost of the consumption of
cigarettes, there is a cost of medical bills that smokers must to face with. For
example, smokers tend to pay much higher prescription charges in order to treat
their poor lung function. Moreover, the hidden cost of smoking increases the
government’s burden due to littering cigarettes and damaging on public places. In
conclusion, many countries build no-smoking laws because smoking can
jeopardize citizen’s life including active and passive smokers, and there are some
charges to pay off brought by smoking.
5 Why college students don’t get enough sleep
There are three main reasons why academic learners don’t get enough sleep.
Firstly, students are sometimes stuck on their mental problems when studying in
universities. Due to the continuous assessments including mid-term tests,
presentations and assignments, students have to make a great effort to pass the
exam. A part from that, those who had excellent academic achievements in their
high school find it difficult to overcome the feel of falling behind others or have a
difficulty to adapt with new academic program. This can result in anxiety and
depression for many students which makes they sleep in an inadequate number of
time. Secondly, lack of time management also partly causes this problem. For
example, many learners are not likely to allocate their time properly on doing their
part-time jobs besides pursing higher study. Moreover, many want to fulfill both
their academic performances and occupational tasks, but they don’t have a
consciousness of time managing skill. The third explanation is that learners are
addicted to social media. Most of students fall asleep late at night, neither because
of studying nor working, just because they must update their new feeds, text
messages and watching the massive amount of videos on online platforms.
Students, ultimately, are not able to resist the temptation of online networking sites,
and they eventually don’t sleep at all.
6 Benefits of online learning
There are some great benefits of online learning for students. Firstly, online
learning provides students with an effective learning environment. Due to the
distinctive advantages of online platforms, this will enable students to have an
access to the huge information available on the internet.
In addition, learners can routinely update the news from their teachers immediately,
which results in reducing paperwork and teacher’s workload. Secondly, online
learning also is an efficient method to deliver lectures for students who stay away
from their school. For example, either those who live in remote rural areas or they
are in foreign countries can participate in many virtual classrooms through
Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom in order to take in the information. Finally,
student’s independent learning will be fostered through this studying environment.
This is because it offers a flexible learning opportunity which many can
systematize their own schedules when getting online self-studied courses.
Therefore, learners can have a good grasp of lecturing at their own pace. In
conclusion, online learning environment gives students three main benefits of
having a valuable studying environment, distance learning and building up their
learning skill.
7 the effects of human activities on the environment
There are many human activities that have a negative influence on the environment.
Firstly, a large amount of exhaust from transport vehicles which contain a high
proportion of pollutants is emitted in big cities. This causes the air quality to deteriorate
and directly pose a threat to public health. Secondly, many industrial factories release
chemical waste into water sources, which can destroy aquatic ecosystems in many places.
This not only has an impact on the survival of aquatic creatures but also pollutes the
drinking water for humans. Finally, forests are being cut down to make way for factories
and fuel their operation, which are not home to wild animals anymore and decrease the
contribution to provide the oxygen. This kind of human industrial activity can possibly
lead to the unfortunate disappearance of natural habitats and some of the environmental
degradation phenomenon such as global warming and ozone layer depletion.
In conclusion, there are three main effects of human performance that affect dramatically
to the environment, which result in a decreased quality of air and water and losing the
wildlife habitats for many kinds of animal species.
8. The effect of texting on people’s behavior (negative)
There are many effects of texting that have a negative influence on user’s behavior.
Firstly, texting messages generally affects face-to-face socializing. As a matter of
fact, texting increasingly overtake the communication in person due to its handy,
which people tend to send and receive messages regularly in order to make
appointments or contact with their friends. Those who use text frequently,
especially in social media, often lose some people’s skills such as compromising
and working with others. This results in reducing quality of their real relationships.
Secondly, digital communication may drive people get into accidents. For example,
many have a habit that they usually check for text and reply immediately even
when they are driving. They, eventually, are injured or lose their lives. Finally,
people who use improper grammar in texting have a tendency to worsen their
writing skill. This is because they often overuse special characters and
abbreviations, which they will struggle on spelling and writing the entire words as
a result. In conclusion, there are three main effects that affect the traditional
communication, increase the risk of accidents and deteriorate writing skill brought
by texting.
(POSITIVE) There are many effects of texting that have a positive influence on
people’s behaviors. Firstly, texting is an efficient mean of the modern
communication, which is helpful for human relationships. It is enable people to
communicate in way which is faster and easier rather than consuming phone call or
traditional conversation.
Apart from that, texting plays an important role in creating stronger bonds with
friends. It is quick and effective for majority of people to send simple messages in
order to make an appointment or contact with their friends and loved-ones.
Secondly, this mean of communication also enhance user’s reading ability. As a
result of reading texts and typing repeatedly, this set a fundamental of reading
capacity which is good for people’s memory brought about by texting. Finally,
texting messages not only affects people’s relationship but also reduce user’s
distressed state. Many who communicate digitally when they are distressed
become more heart-whole to express their emotions and talk with their friends
about topics that they wouldn’t talk in face-to-face conversation. Therefore, they
can find way to release their tension. In conclusion, there are three clear effects
that increase people’s optimistic mood, relationships and reading skill brought by
10. Positive effects of learning a second language
There are three main effects which have a positive influence on learners when they
learn a second language. Firstly, studying a second language can open the
additional way to study abroad for learners. For example, many universities in
developed countries accept students around the world to apply for studying with a
formal certificate required such as IELTS. As a matter of fact, the higher ability of
bilinguals to learn a second language, the easier for them to learn the new one than
monolinguals in order to meet the demand of foreign college. Therefore, bilinguals
tend to get scholarships or directly accepted into oversea education. Secondly,
people study a second language, especially a global language, can possibly
advance their career. As this knowledge-based on society, employers always seek
their candidates who communicate fluently with their foreign customers to expand
company’s market shares.
Bilinguals can have a chance to exhibit their capacity of language to adapt with
requirement of recruiters. Thus, they can open the door to work abroad and climb
to their career ladder. Finally, learners tend to learn more about the distinct culture
of a country associated with its language, this becomes an advantage when they
travel to this country. As a result, it becomes much easy for those to open up their
destinations, and travelers can connect and interact with places and locals. In
conclusion, studying a second language will help learners have an access to get
involved in foreign education and workforce, and it is also a useful tool when
11. The effects of a good/bad teacher may have on someone’s life.
There are three main effects which have a great influence on student’s life brought
by a good teacher. Firstly, a good instructor may help students foster their
intellectual and personal development. This is because students will be delivered
not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills by their good teachers. For
example, passionate teachers will coach their students in a meaningful and
intentional way with a little of joke around lectures, which can result in having a
good grasp of information. In addition, learners also directly receive many valuable
experiences through fact-finding trips and working with others that teachers
organize to cultivate students’ soft skills. Secondly, an enthusiastic lecturer will
give pupils feedback and goal setting which are important things in learning
progress. Students fortunately take the appropriate guidance from their enthusiastic
lecturers in order to refine their weaknesses and develop their potency as a result.
Apart from that, learner can have a purpose to pursue a lifelong learning due to
teacher’s encouragement and emotional support. Finally, an eager teacher may
influence on not only student’
Intellectual faculty but also personal traits. This is due to keen lecturer’s instruction
and their characteristics that students have a tendency to imitate in the future.
Therefore, students will be trained to become accomplished and successful citizens.
In conclusion, a good teacher may bring remarkable effects which shape character
and intelligence of students and make a big contribution in their future.
12. Why fresh graduates are unemployed.
There are three main causes of being unemployed for most fresh graduates. Firstly,
fresh graduates who lack hands-on experience are not likely to be employed. This
is due to the complicated business - activities, employers always seek their
applicants who have enough the number of year experience related to their work or
at least their potency to do this job. Many, unfortunately, just spend too much time
on learning theoretical knowledge or even don’t concentrate on studying while
pursuing university education. As a result of being unfledged and lazy, fresh
licentiates have no capacity to achieve the company’s goal and chance to get
involved in the workforce. The second explanation for this problem is the
unrealistic salary and benefit expectation. This is because those who don’t have
consciousness of their potency to meet the requirement of job and how to leave a
good impression on recruiters, they care much more about money and pursue a
salary with an improper justification. They, eventually, are rejected and left behind
others who are experienced candidates and willing to work with lower demand.
Finally, a poor character and self-esteem should be taken into account when a fresh
bachelor are not engaged. For example, people who are usually late for working
and poorly groomed and dishonest in workplace seem to be discharged. Apart from
that, university students have a low self-esteem which isn’t confident on their
ability don’t have an access to employment. Because they are not likely to take the
To tackle many professional tasks that are demanded by their senior staffs. In
conclusion, lack of practical experience, inappropriate expectation and poor
personal traits are three core reasons why many fresh graduates are not hired.
13. The effects of drinking alcohol on students.
There are three negative effects that have a great influence on student’s live
brought by drinking alcohol. Firstly, drinking significantly affects student’s
cognition and their learning progress. This is because of the inhibitors contained in
alcohol, which makes their brain more prone to alcohol dependence. As a result,
students who drink regularly are usually in a state of the unconscious or dementia
and they are not likely to concentrate on studying. Secondly, alcohol is one of the
most common cause of increasing in traffic accidents among students. For example,
many who drank before driving easily put their behaviors out of control, they can
drive their car at high speed and screaming or exhibit many illegal actions while
driving. This results in getting injuries for many commuters or even losing their
life. Therefore, they generally pose a threat to public health. Finally, drinking
abuse can bring dramatic consequences on their own health. Alcohol can damage
drinker’s organs and increase the risk of developing cancer. They, eventually, will
pay off for drinking due to their poor liver function, heart disease and numerous
health problems as a result. In conclusion, there are three obvious effects on
learning progress, health and entire life of students when they drink alcohol.
1. Pp interested in money
It is obvious that we live in materialistic world where the price tag is on every
individual thing we could possess. This would lead people’s wishes to pursue
money to be happy rather than spiritual welfare. In my opinion, earning more and
more apparently become the main human pursuit in our hustle and bustle life due
to its power of bringing tangible and intangible benefits for people.
As our society and technology change over time, the expectation of fulfilling
people’s demand also remarkably rise, so it is vital to need money to purchase
goods. Firstly, many especially young people want to delight themselves by
owning luxury goods and following the trendy clothes driven by concern that they
are out-of-date. Secondly, the market price is also a reason that reinforces people’s
effort of earning money for living and paying their bills. For example, university
students nowadays do many part-time jobs besides studying in order to pay their
tuition fees and be able to share their family’s financial burden.
Another factor makes money turn to be an attractive reward is that people want to
avoid pressure from other’s judges. Generally, people always have invisible mark
of being successful which is measured by the amount of money they get. Being
poor that means that person can be criticized by their own friends, acquaintances or
even family. In contrast, they will be in a high self-esteem when others are not
likely to ignore their comments and appreciate them if those are rich, get a lot of
In conclusion, money is always a controversial issue among people but none of us
can deny its benefits in our physical and mental lives. However, if earning money
increasingly continue to dominate our purpose life, this will drive people to
gradually lose a sense of the real happiness and become too pragmatic in a way of
treating with others.
2. The effect of job loss on mental health
It is obvious that robots increasingly replace human workforce in many fields of
economy that lead to an unemployed problem for millions of people. This makes
the capacity to get a chance to access labor workforce seem to be more competitive,
which brings detrimental effect on people health. In my opinion, being job loss
might affect people to be stressful and self-doubt of their ability.
It is apparent that people always have an invisible mark of being successful that is
measured by the amount of money they get from their job. As a consequence,
many force themselves to find a job, do a job whether they like it or not for money
and living. They, gradually, are likely to be discharge or not be employed. This is
because recruiters thoroughly realize they look for this job as their burden instead
of their ambition and aspiration, hence, those people lose interest in working and
are stuck on depression.
Another effect of this problem is that they regularly lose their self – assured. First,
employees will find it difficult to live without having a job. This means they
cannot pay their bills, feed themselves; Otherwise, they can get into debt. Secondly,
many who are being unemployed usually are criticized by their friends,
acquaintances or even family due to their status. As a result, people tend to fear of
criticism and can be isolated from other people as their comments will be ignored
and depreciated.
In conclusion, being job loss make a big negative influence on people’s mental
health. If this problem continues to go on, the national workforce will be harmed,
social evil will increase and our country may end up in the state of poor country.
3. Some students prefer study alone. Others prefer study in group. Which do you
Study makes a big contribution to people’s future lives and it is obvious that how
we study affect remarkably what and how long we can achieve from studying.
Many argued that they prefer to study alone but others not. Personally, I like to
study in group for two main reasons.
Studying in group makes a faster progress in our work and understanding in
compared with studying lonely. Firstly, members in group are allocated and
responsible mainly for their own piece of work rather than doing a whole
assignment by a particular person. Therefore, this will reduce the workload and
stress when they get a lot of things to do. Secondly, those who study in a team can
find it easy to deal with their issues happening within their assignment and have a
thoroughly understanding about their topic. They have a wealth resources of
material, information they need as their teammates share together, which results in
saving time for everyone and meeting the deadline.
Another positive aspects of studying with others is that it cultivates social skill –
how to work, interact with each other. For example, it is more often that we meet a
variety of different ideas in a group, which can push members into controversies.
This is definitely not a way how a team works. Studying with many means people
learn how to listen to others and respect others opinion besides giving their own
ideas from a subjective perspective. As a result, in the long run people are trained
to be good at working together, and that can become their advantage to have a
chance to advance their future career as well.
In conclusion, studying in group brings many benefits of saving time on solving
problem and improving teamwork skill as well as eloquent ability which a key
Factor for working. In my experience, educator should apply this form of studying
in educational environment as much as possible in order to transform the
traditional teaching which help to foster the development of our country.
3. The psychological effects of violent games and movies on children
It is apparent that watching violent games and movies are increasingly common
among young people these days due to the advanced technology. This kind of
entertaining activity may help player as well as observers escape from reality and
release their tension. However, in my opinion, I believe it has more potential risks
of being harmful for their mental health which lead to increase their aggressiveness
and have a high level to become criminals than the positive effects it brings about.
Firstly, violent games and movies including shooting, killing people and brutal
actions are causes that increase in the angry feeling of players regarding with
violence. For example, many may have cruel emotions while playing and watching
due to nature of the games and films, which results in becoming out of control and
they are too aggressive to tackle their personal problem.
Secondly, those who spend much time on that game are likely to get a high ability
to become criminals. For instance, after watching a scene of carnage, children are
too sensitive see the improper behaviors, they can be stuck on the feel of actors
using violence as a way of treating others. As a consequence, children have a
tendency to imitate the visibly severe actions of what they watched into their daily
life which negatively influence for themselves and pose a threat to other’s life.
In conclusion, violent games and movies make a big influence on human
psychology because of its capacity to escalate the aggressiveness and turn people
to be murderers. If there are no any restrictions on how much time people spend on
watching violent films and playing games or limit the amount of brutal scene
Broadcasted, players will end up in prison or engaging on social evils.
4. Should or should not students use mobile phone in classroom. What ur
It is true that people cannot deny the huge benefits brought about by mobile phone
which is a device people increasingly rely on. This lead to a controversy that
whether or not students should use their phone in classroom. In my opinion,
students should not use their cell phone while they are studying due to two key
The first reason is that student cannot be attentive to teacher and the lecture as well.
This is because they are stuck on the external conversation via online platforms
such as Facebook and Instagram. For example, students give most of their interest
in texting messages or they are distracted by the rings of announcement from their
phone when they are in class. As a result, they might not concentrate on what they
are taught and not be able to grasp the complete information.
Furthermore, students easily fall behind others as they overuse the functions of
mobile phone. Due to the enormous information available on the Internet, many
can freely access to and get the answer from someone else instead of using their
ability to think and address own themselves. This not only lead them to be in an
inactively attitude to study but they also cannot tackle their own problems without
using phone.
In conclusion, mobile phone can cause some problems which distract most of
students from listening to their lecturers, and they become too lazy to think about
and deal with difficulties. As a consequence, students gradually lose their interest
in learning and get bad academic performances.