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Question Outline

Question Outline
Personal 1. How long have you been the Director of Security for the
Nita City Cubs
2. Do you enjoy your position?
3. What position did you hold before becoming the Director
of Security for the Cubs?
4. What are some of the unique challenges you face as DoS
for a baseball club?
5. Are you a fan of the cubs? If so, did you regularly attend
games prior to your employment?
6. Did/Have you notice(d) a decline in the safety and
security of the patrons of the stadium?
7. What factors lead to your decision to re-vamp the fan’s
experience from, as you stated, “top to bottom”?
Operational/Procedural 1. What does a normal day look like for the Director of
Security? What about for your typical security
2. How often does an incident occur that requires a
response from security?
3. What changes have taken effect since assuming your
position? What kind of results have you seen both in the
stadium and the surrounding community?
4. According to the April 2nd article by Mr. Morley, Lt.
Myers notes that violent crime in the area is “down
significantly” since you’ve assumed your position. Is this
true? What kind of interaction does your department
have with the local police department?
5. That same article states that, although violent crime has
decreased, drunk and disorderly conduct remain
“around” the stadium. Is this same conduct mirrored
inside the stadium? At what point are you no longer
responsible for patrons that leave the stadium grounds?
6. What practices are in place to ensure fans do not enter
the stadium while hiding, or having over-consumed,
7. Where you able to implement any programs to address
the new changes you were looking to introduce for the
new year? If so, what were they?
8. Is it fair to say that both the security team AND the Old
Fashion employees undergo training to identify and
address possible over-consumption of alcohol? If so, who
is responsible for providing said training?
9. After identifying over-consumption, what are the next
steps/ standard operating procedure for a member of the
security team? Of an Old Fashion employee? How do the
two communicate?
10. Have you, or any member of either the security team or
Old Fashion, witnessed employees of Old Fashion
contributing to the over-consumption of alcohol by
Event Day
1. Where you in attendance on the day of the incident? If
not, who was the active supervisor for Security?
2. Prior to the incident that occurred involving the plaintiff,
Kemper, was everything operating in a normal fashion?
3. Were there any promotions going on during this
particular game (i.e. bobble-heads, jerseys, towels, 2for-1 beer, etc.)?
4. What was the attendance, and how did it compare to
what you would describe as a “normal night?”
5. Did you witness the incident? What happened? How was
it reported to you?
6. Is it safe to say that, like most other stadiums, fans are
permitted to bring in baseball mitts?
7. What other pieces of equipment are permitted?
8. How did Mr. Kolleng come into possession of the bat
that struck the Jessica Kemper?
9. Had there been any complaints regarding Mr. Kolleng or
his companions? Had Mr. Kolleng received any
Post Incident
1. How quickly was Mr. Kolleng removed from the stadium
grounds? Was there an arrest?
2. Was there an internal investigation of the incident? What
were the findings?