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Employee Attendance Policy

Employee Attendance Policy
Operations Managers, General Managers, Regional Managers
Operations Department
To provide a standardized means of managing and accounting for all hourly employees’
attendance. This includes Operations Managers and Warehouse Associates.
This policy will establish accountability for hourly associate attendance.
1.0 Definition
Deviations to attendance are defined as instances where an hourly warehouse employee does
not adhere to their scheduled hours or days, regardless of reason. Reasons for deviations are
variable; classified as controllable and non-controllable. For the purposes of accountability,
controllable instances will account for escalating actions, with non-controllable actions requiring
documentation of reason for failure to adhere to the published schedule.
2.0 Expectation
Schedules are determined and filled for all warehouse employees at the discretion of the
General Manager or Region Manager. This discretion is to be based on business needs;
accounting for all aspects of warehouse operations, including packing, receiving, downstock,
fulfillment, and dispatch. For all employees, the expectation is to adhere fully to the scheduled
[STEP 1]
Utilizing the attendance tracker, the location GM will review for OM attendance on a daily and
weekly basis and note whether the absence/tardiness is documented or not documented (with
or without reason). Additional review will be executed by the RM on a weekly basis with
updates to Director for accountability to be delivered for their region.
[STEP 2]
Once reasons are noted with, or without documentation, the location GM will review recent
attendance for the employee and note whether repetitive, non-documented reasons are present.
For noted, repetitive instances of non-documented failure to adhere to the schedule,
accountability will be given based on the below:
Late Arrival/Early Departure
1) Communication of this policy will serve as verbal notification of attendance expectation
2) Written Documentation from GM
a) 2 undocumented late arrival/early departures within (6) weeks.
b) Callout with a non written excuse (excusable would be a doctor or hospital note
or repair bill)
3) Written Final documentation from GM (with RM partnership and review)
a) 3rd late arrival/early departure within previous 12 weeks after initial written
documentation has been given.
b) First No call/ No Show
c) 2nd non documented call out after written received within rolling 12 weeks.
4) Termination (with RM and HR partnership and review)
a) 4th occurrence of late arrival/early departure after the final written documentation
has been sent and signed by the individual.
b) 3rd non documented call out after final warning received within rolling 18 weeks
c) 2nd No call/No Show within a 52 week period.